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Sans Mask Tutorial

By AttackGoose
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Haha...okay. I finally got around to it. Keep in mind that sanding this thing is very messy.

Here is the tutorial on tumblr (it's a little easier to read there):…

And here is Squigglydigg's tutorial:…
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this has me missing 2015
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Can I ask where your sourced your pumpkin pails from? Where I'm from, Halloween isn't so big, and this sort of thing is hard to get a hold of.
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Thank you so much for the tutorial! I used it to make a Sans mask for my son for Halloween and he was thrilled with the results.

Untitled by Meltasers
  Untitled by Meltasers  
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Hey! I just wanted to thank you a skele-TON for this tutorial! I nitpicked the hell out of my design and I want to thank you so much for posting this!

Sans Cosplay (WIP) by Luniria
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thank you so, so much for this tutorial! I will definitely be using it!
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Used this to make my sans mask last Halloween forgot to thank you for the tu-toriel 😎 it came out not as good but still proud it's on my deviant in case u want to see it👀
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that is so cool I might change the way for my head so its more my style but cool idea
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I think I need to do this. Thanks for the awesome tutorial.
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I did the base, but i cant get my glasses to fit, how dod i do that
SuperBecky's avatar
icedragonsheart's avatar
how did you get the jaw to have more curve to it? did you bend the bottom pail with tape? add alot of paper mache? used more wood filler in that area?
Angel-Wolf-Hagane's avatar
what superbecky said, they added more mache to make it look more round on his cheeks, it says it in the writing if you blow it up
SuperBecky's avatar
probably a lot of paper mache on that area, but im just guessing
PollyXP's avatar
I dont have pumpkin pails... :c can i substitute for something?
Angel-Wolf-Hagane's avatar
some people use eva foam for heads but that takes a lot more time cause you need the foam, glue, heat gun and many more oter things
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the URL's arent working
Hey I was wondering if you or someone in the comments section could go into a little more detail about adding more dimension and detail to the mask. Like what don't do with the card around the eyes and how do I use he extra paper clay to add depth to the mouth area. Sorry if this is a stupid question I'm still new to this. Thanks much appreciated.
Abriel99's avatar
How MUCH Gesso/acrylic paint/ wood filler should I buy? Is 16 oz of each sufficient, or should I buy a 32 oz container of each instead?
Megalochacho's avatar
Can Plaster of Paris work?
I don't exactly have 27$ to buy wood filler :/
no plastic paris doesn't stick like wood glue to the mask i cracks and falls off
wood filler isn't working any suggestions 
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jakfjsagea I'm glad this exists. I'm going to make an Underfell Sans mask for the next anime festival I go to so this is saving my ass rn.
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