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Hello, this is havoc-rein91, co-founder of the Attack on Titan group and I have to say six years is a long time, isn't it? An awfully long time not to check in on a group of people as incredible and dedicated as the scouts on our page! As both an ode to the old as well as a welcome to the new, I would like to say your artwork, fanfictions, audio clips, and other contributions to our gallery has made this group unlike any other and for that, I offer each and every one of you my heart, soul, and deepest gratitude.
With the end of Attack on Titan on the horizon, I would like to talk a little about the history of this group. In the summer of 2014, Attack on Titan was everything - everyone who was everyone caught the fever that this show inflicted. I couldn't go a day without hearing the theme song in some capacity out of the speaker of some rando's phone, hummed while doing homework, parodied in ways I can still vividly remember and could probably recite on command - try me!
This show was the world.
And when I met Pain-Alchemist in biology class, we decided to take part in that world.
The amount of creativity that spawned from our combined efforts in running and managing this group was astounding: we were meeting artists we had no idea existed and had a platform to promote our collective love for a show that, for a brief time, swept the world. For the first year in managing this group, all of our love and attention went towards making this the best possible space to spread the love and adoration of Attack on Titan as well as the fans that make it a rich and investing community.
Unfortunately, after that first year - a combination of changing interests, real-life factors, and shifts in internet culture led to the neglect of this group and the neglect of this community project we poured ourselves into. The second and third season didn't even fall on my radar when they came out as the show faded into obscurity.
In January 2021 however, everything changed when I decided to pick it back up, catching up on nearly 30 episodes to where we are now in season four, and let me say, I can't believe what I was missing out on. What made the show great in the first season was even greater in each subsequent season, constantly outdoing itself in ways I could never predict. The show that once swept the world continued to grow right under my nose to the point we're at now, April 1, 2021, nearing the end of a generation.
I salute everyone who continued to post despite the absence of the moderators - coming back to see 6000 members, members who are still posting incredible artwork on a daily basis, is a shocking and humbling experience, one I wish I was present for during the entire process.
With the end of Attack on Titan coming quicker than anyone could have ever anticipated, I would like to return my gratitude by making this group the best possible group it can be to see this amazing show out. I have a few ideas in the works: art competitions, weekly chapter re-reads, community discussion, all of which I would love to know how our members feel about. Since DeviantArt has become obsolete in certain ways, would Discord be a better platform? Please share your ideas!
I would love to reconnect with everyone who elevated this group from good to great and herald the last year of Attack on Titan on a high note.
If DA is not your preferred platform, please feel free to message me on these platform:
Discord: AtreusNB #1710
Tumblr: home-past-7
I offer up my heart to each and every one of you in a true salute!
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