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What the Fluff

What the fluff...
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N o s w e a r i n g on my C h r i s t i a n s e r v e r
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Hahaha! Oh that look! :D
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A T-Mobile ad lol
MisterFriendly's avatar
Apparently, the favorites bar befuddles her.
ColonelYeo's avatar
Currently? Non-pony artwork in Atryl's gallery sampler. :XD:
Synchel's avatar
That's Pinkie Pie. Breaking the 4th wall in my favourites gallery. :/
Maddog3060's avatar
You have no idea how many times I've asked myself this question since I got onto the World Wide Web back in '96.
Nova225's avatar
''Huh, I think that's actually 'fluff' Pinky ?'' :3
dorko4u's avatar
I have a feeling that I'm going to see this picture used a lot on ol' Ponychan.
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MeheeCould work xD
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She might be looking at a toilet with a butt rinse that MAY look like it's pissing itself.
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Looks like she's looking at Iron Pony in my deviantWatch stack. :)
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the internet...
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That's your hair Pinkie Pie. It usually hangs down like that.
DarkSniperKnight's avatar
At a person who is not part of The Herd?
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From my perspective, you're looking at an ad for Adobe Illustrator.
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Thees ees not canon!
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