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Sweet Dreams

Sleep Tight ~
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Sisters forever!

(Who watched Sleepless in Ponyville understood it)
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well this made my life complete 
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Can you tell me please what texture do you use?)
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this is so friend used it in her ''About Myself'' mini-book and in that mini-book she put '' I like My Little Pony'' and she used this pic for it!!!!!! this is just what I call Awesome Work!!!!
Aww. I want a flying cloudchair!
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aww, so cu- *looks at your profile pic* and im back!
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I love how it has the little semi-transparent dashie and scoots on the moon. Keep it up!
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Why are ponies on clouds always so adorable?

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Rainbow Dash is best sister.
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Scootaloo is almost TOO adorable in this scene. {That snug little face! /)O30\
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:iconscootalooplz: Dashie, your snoring is keeping me up!

:iconrainbowdashplz: I don't snore!
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This, this my friend, is excellent. The artistic expression here is stellar, the shading beautiful, and the idea, graceful.

Good job.
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So.... cute.... must.... not.... squeal... Sqqqqquuuuueeeeeee!!! 
Had to do that its just so cute! 
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the thumbnail looks like the two are 69'ing each other. just saiyan.
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awwww <3 how cute they look like sisters
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i wish they were sisters cuz they aint but wait who's scootaloo's mom and dad O.O
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I could just see yor icon face just stalking them in the background, hm, creepy
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This is pretty BA man, good job.
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