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Sorry, anthro again, but I hope you like it :)
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i can use this? :D
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Use his armor as a reference to draw the celestia princess in human :D
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LOl! Princess belly button! :3
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This one is my fav so far of your gallery.
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just.. WOW! your antro series is seriously SERIOUSLY one of my favorites of ANY ARTIST. your art work is simply amazing.
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Your designs make them look like Amazon Warriors.
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little creepy to be honest but still good :P
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its realy good anthr work :D
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i love it it'sbetter then when she on all fours. walking give her more Royalty
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Dats preety kewl bro.
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I think your anthro ponies look great. Celestia's outfit looks very nice and 'feels' lie something she'd wear.
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Still look pretty sexy, nice shot of her bra too. =p
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Come on, baby. You want some?
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awesome pic, dude.
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