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Rarity the Crusader

"Burn in the Light!"

First of this month's patreon art pack. I thought: Diablo III ponies? Why the hell not? So there ya go! Hope you'll like this series :3

Check out how this was made!…

Check out the whole pack!

Rarity the Crusader by atryl Applejack the Barbarian by atryl Rainbow Dash the Monk by atryl
Demon Hunter Flutterbat by atryl Witch Doctor Pinkie Pie by atryl Twilight Sparkle the Wizard by atryl


If you like my art, consider supporting me on patreon , every bit is highly appreciated, thank you! <3
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The legions of the Burning Hells are going down...In STYLE!

AWESOME picture! The armor is so detailed and well-done, the light is absolutely gorgeous and I love Rarity's expression; such a serious pose for such a cute pony.

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Praise the sun! \[T]/
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I love Diablo's crusader
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Ah, it's a crossover. My first thought was Western Europe and got a bit of a laugh out of this, being the history nerd that I am.
I'm not really a brony kind of guy but this is a pretty cool piece.
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Hey this Johanna art is pretty - wait a min. "Why the hell not?" I see how it is. Time to light the "Flauds" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
that is awesome!
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"Darling, I need to ask--and I beg you, be honest--does this armor make my thighs look big?"
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In the sexual way or the other way?
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Stalwart defender of all things fabulous. Darling.
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I've been dying to know for quite some time now, how do you get your Pieces' to look so clean and dynamic? All your work is amazing, and I'd love some tips if you're willing to share.
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I don't know, they look stuff to me, especially compared to the sketches :) I don't know what you are asking in particular.
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Do you edit your art with a program like Photoshop? it the coloring all done by hand? and if so, what techniques do you use get your art to look so amazing? I hope that clears up what I'm asking. ^^;

Thank you for replying, I always enjoy receiving a reply, especially from someone as talented as you. ^_^ 
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Check out my youtube channel, that should clear things up :)
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This fabulous warrior is an ally to other heros!:D (Big Grin) 
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these are kool :) 
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