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Quest for Harmony - Jester wallpaper



I'm gonna post all my previous folios, so you can see what you can expect from the patreon project of mine. If you like my art and have a few bucks to throw at me please visit the page. Thank you!

Quest for Harmony is an MLP:FiM inspired fantasy world / story, Siden and I are building up for a serious project, a comic series. We choose different names for obvious reasons, trying to be close to their personalities.

Lavender: Quest for Harmony - Lavender wallpaper by atryl
Whisper: Quest for Harmony - Whisper wallpaper by atryl
Jack: Quest for Harmony - Jack wallpaper by atryl
Brash: Quest for Harmony - Brash wallpaper by atryl
Lady Lucid: Quest for Harmony - Lady Lucid wallpaper by atryl
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Insert crazy carnival/accordion music.

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