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Polly Butt

By atryl
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for my bud pizzacat :3
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Well it certainly made my night. ( off to have nice dreams.. goodnight )
jamesgunner123's avatar
....RRROOWWLLL!!!....loving that bum! there's a DEEP DISH just begging for some SAUSAGE.....>=3
the-c-drive's avatar
Man i forgot about this show.
opus-13's avatar
So many memories! I loved Samurai Pizza Cats so much! Also, lovely work. Great take on the character and cute style. :D
EbonTopaz's avatar
Samurai Pizza Cats!

It's been ages since I last saw that.
Kilo60's avatar
Goodness! That towel simply is not long enough. :giggle:
Rubynite's avatar
Pururun butt! >:3
joelang123's avatar
I can't tell if that green thing is a towel, shirt, dress, or a fuzzy skirt/shirt/dress hybrid.... All in all, it's so fucking adorable I think I just contracted Diabetes. Damn you.. DAMN. YOU.
HardCyder's avatar
Is that silk? No, it's Ploy Ester!
HardCyder's avatar
"Poly Ester" - I'm sure I learned how to proofread at some point in my life -_-
BB-K's avatar
Lol, sexy. :XD:
spdy4's avatar
Awwwwwwww so cute x3
SparklinBurgndy's avatar

It's little Poly Ester! - Who's never afraid
vidgamer123's avatar
Of going into battle when the bad guys invade!
Mechadon's avatar
They got more fur than any pony ever had.
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Stone2Gold's avatar
I love that show.
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