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Night Mare

dedicated to Ace-Windham

I don't upload stuff like this often, but I was drawing it for a while and some of you might like it. I don't know where to put it, I didn't tag it as mature because you can't see any naughty bits, and honestly I saw 'worse' on clipboards on the streets :3

Anyhow, enjoy.
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Sexyyyyyyy as hell

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I wish that was me honestly xd
This is wonderfully gothic.  Luna's outfit is a cross between armor and lingerie but without being overt like her curves are (not that I'm complaining).  Wonderful use of color and shading.  It's tough to use dark colors so well without being gloomy but you pull it off.  Excellent job.
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this really shines in the small details
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"I don't upload stuff like this often" 
Mind if I ask how come? This doesn't seem outside the realm of what you usually upload. At any rate she's beautiful. 
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Idunno, I felt awkward about these back in the day. I don't care anymore :)
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Silly me for not checking the date. Glad you're OK with it now. Thank you for creating & sharing <3
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Wow, it looks amazing.
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Nothing but complete surrender to this Princess.....
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Looks like she's cosplaying World of WarCraft female armor
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World of Warcraft actually has proper female armors. Over the 11 years since the game is out there's like ~5 armors that could be called 'slutty'. And there are hundreds of armors out there.


There are a few items that show skin, but you would have to hunt them from the Auction House, and they are ~10 years old, low poli / blurry texture and they don't look very good, especially on the new, updated models.

The fanart you see about the game ( like this:… ) are just the artist's design and make the original armors (… ) more revealing.

Don't believe the media, what you think of is the games like TERA ( variancetera.files.wordpress.c… ) or other korean / japanese MMOS.
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Yup the armors are quite tame because I guess they overstepped the absurdity quota when designing weapons.
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her lingerie is best battle armor.
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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THIS IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PONIES ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"I don't upload stuff like this often, but I was drawing it for a while and some of you might like it"..... and some of you might like it... I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Thank You!
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The way the stars are linked together while fading away into the cosmos of her hair (mane?) is actually really neat, adds an ethereal quality to the picture, as if Luna is some great alien entity temporarily taking a more humanoid form so the viewer doesn't go mad.

Naturally, the best way to take humanoid form to avoid observer insanity is to have your boobs out.

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Nicely done.
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she's absolutely stunning! love how you did her hair and all the details :heart:
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Such beauty, yet evil
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