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It's Always Cake Time

of course it is!
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Careful Pinkie, the real monster here is diabetes.
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Oh, Pinkie. <3 This is beautiful.
always definitely always...
and possibly forever...
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This is like Walt Kelly with just a bit of Gahan Wilson thrown in.  Love it! :-)
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And here Gummy prays to the cake gods, and readies a piece to sacrifice.
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aw pinkie looks so happy! adorable >w<
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lol, Gummy looks like he is gonna do a nose dive into her mouth with that. XD
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Aawww, so adorable!
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For Pinkie and Celestia - it's surely always cake time.
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Well, when you don't have to make the cake first.

Wondeful work. She looks very adorable there.
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Gummy's such an enabler. :P

Also, Gummy with an actual expression? What madness IS this? :O
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Interesting. It looks more like the bench in going through her tail rather than the other way around. I kinda like that sort of stylization.
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Gummy is best support.
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hahaha cool scene! :)
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Feed the pone game !
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The bows are adorable, and that's the most animated I've ever seen Gummy! Great art!
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