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Part of the spooky Halloween themed PATREON PACK!

I had a lot of fun doing this, the livestream was a blast, thanks whoever stopped by :3


If you like my art, consider supporting me on patreon, every bit is highly appreciated, thank you! <3
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That's actually more impressive than Frankenstein's achievement.

The good doctor at least had a pre-existing model to base his efforts on. By the particular look of that monster's hand, Twilight has synthesized a human from dead creature flesh and brought it to life.

Almost nothing in that world even encountered the concept of a human until Sunset Shimmer stole Twilight's crown and was pursued into the Equestria Girls universe. And from the lack of wings on Twilight, that hadn't happened yet.

EDIT: Crap. This picture might just be using anthro ponies with hands. At the edge of the picture, Twilight seems to have a hand of her own.

Wait... hold up... Shouldn't that be Lyra???

you know, building your own hu-MAN thing?
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Look at the right-hand border. Twilight seems like she might have hands, too.

The monster may just be another anthro pony, of the 'hands instead of hooves' type.

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Twilight: You must be Igor.

Spike: No, it's pronounced "eye-gor".

Twilight: Well... they told me it was Igor.

Spike: Well they were wrong, weren't they?

(Cookie if you know the reference!)
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"Well, why isn't it 'Twee-light Sperkeley'?"

"It isn't; it's 'Twilight Sperkeley'!"

"... I see."

I love how here, Spike has even got the same 'walleyed' condition Marty Feldman had.

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It's Frank- un- steen.
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Young Frankenstein?
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We have a winner!
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Yay! I actually wanted a cookie before you replied. I loved that movie but need to watch it again.
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Well, the kitchen's right there. More than likely a cookie's in there, so reward yourself. ;P

You should watch it again! It's a great film. Watch it while eating the cookie! :)
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There were one or two good cut scenes, too.

I bought a boxed collection of Mel Brooks's work, and was astonished to find out his first film was a nice adaptation of a Russian farce play.

'The Twelve Chairs' starred Ron Moody, Frank Langella, and Dom DeLuise. The three took sides in a crazed scramble to reclaim Moody's lost family gems, that had been hidden during the Russian Revolution. Brooks had a small role as a drunken serf.

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Get some milk while you're in there. You don't want to choke on crumbs while laughing.

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I thought it was about Magic. Mov
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I'd support you right HERE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I love how Spike is all derp xD
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It's alive, it's alive I'm so happy.
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Me: Spike! bring me my pizza cutter!
Spike: Yes master
Me: 0_0 Spike you ok?
btw how long did it take you to make this?
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