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Herpy Derpday!

:iconfat-jesus: commissioned for Mr. Bear's ( ask human Derpy ) birthday!
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derpy is so tender and good, it is different
buzzingah's avatar
ya know ive seen your drawing of a pic with rainbow dash and braeburn in some website Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] 
atryl's avatar
that's a possibility :)
039520's avatar
damn, Atryl, I keep returning here, you really outdone yourself :D
SamCyberCat's avatar
Awwww, very cute!
opus-13's avatar
I'm not entirely sure what all is happening, but I definitely approve! Something just seems right about these two hanging out. Lovely art work as usual!
VampireFoxHL's avatar
Um... O_O
Lol! I love it. That is just too cute.
thefan2's avatar
zralf's avatar
so much adorableness.
Monostache's avatar
OMG, I cannot like this enough! Mailman Derpy is totally my favorite, plus your art style and coloring is quite lovely! <3
22bubble-eyes22's avatar
That is crazy cute.
Xx-Bunny-sama-xX's avatar
This is possibly the cutest mlp art I've seen :heart:
you should do more human derpy, she is adorbale
Denezer's avatar
Awwww my god! :iconshaplz:
039520's avatar
so much win and adorableness... I suppose it's adorable win =)
Tearahk's avatar
Now that is just too adorable! X3
BB-K's avatar
That's cute to see that Derpy with a Babs Seed.
Holhander's avatar
my heart just about jumped from my chest...freakin LOVE derpy here <3
Kyoshyu's avatar
I must giggle. :meow:
sixth-seraph's avatar
D'awww, babs is adorable~
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