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Golden Medic

By atryl
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patreon commission for :iconda0krager:

Golden Ticket as Val the Medic from EVOLVE.


If you like my art and you would like to support me, you can do it on patreon or by donating. Every bit is highly appreciated, thank you! <3
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I love the character 
im not a great fan of mlp 
but i still watch it 
and I love every thing about this 
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Evolve medic...........Ticket............AWESOME!
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Evolve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ok out of all your work this has to be my favorite
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Dayum, that is one kickass looking medic!
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Why a bolt action rifle for a medic?
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Why WOULDN'T you give a field-medic a standard issue Rifle? A field-medic who doesn't live in video-game land should be as well armed and armored as the rest of the squad, and should be a crack shot with it just like everyone else too. Any less and they'd be a dead weight.
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Most modern day rifles are either semi-automatic or select fire with a detachable box magazine. Why issue a weapon to a medic that was typical of service rifles during the 1940s?
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Oh no.  The ponies are COMING!!!!  (And they've got better weapons than us.)  (Somewhat.)  (Lots of parentheses.)
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A wonderful piece :la::clap::la:
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damn i wish you could draw my ponysona.
i gotz no moneys
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Don't know the game (yet!) but it's really cool *-*
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Medic in EVOLVE, AWESOME! Nice work!!
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Cool.                                                                                                        Suki Sama (me) 
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