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Evil Enchantress

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Published: March 6, 2012
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I streamed this, Come if you like ^^

At first I wanted to draw the mane6 on the background (hidden) with their problems (poison joke), or Applebloom (the heart's desire episode), but I thought that would be creepy, why would they peeking Zecora O.O Since she's naked and all... And with Applebloom, that would be so wrong :)
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goodbrony Artist
I do hope that ain't poison joke growing there........
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she does evil dances and puts you in trances...
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she has a cape you now, love the work regardless. nice.
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Ask-Apple-BloomHobbyist Digital Artist
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TY123sonicHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is a masterful work of art bud. I am at a loss for words. just amazing truly amazing
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Hellloooo Zecora! (what the hell is wrong with me)
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Ya know, this style really reminds me of the Mobius style you find in the sonic comics. Huh, interesting thought there.......ANyway, very well drawn pic. WIsh there was more of zecora in the cartoon. I saw her when she was telling the story of Nightmare moon on Nightmare Night and.....she was awesome. I found her rhyming entertaining. I guess that migth be why u dont see her much. Cant be easy coming up with lines that fit her.
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Minty-IllusionHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome. I like the shading and her pose.
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You should draw her doing evil dances. :P
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atrylProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm. Maybe I shoooulld :P
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Indeed you should. :D
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you should've added in luna it would be a great ship it's actually my favorite ship lucora makes so much sense and it's betwean my top two ponys so doubvle score!
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atrylProfessional Digital Artist
Never heard of this kind of shipping, I'll check em ^^
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I've seen one bit of art about it and that was a requst i made to a friend so yeah it's basicly non-existant matirel and fanwise
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Golly, I'm trying not to fall for the sexually lenient and anthro is like the bridge leading towards that.

And it's people like you who do it so well... I just:stare:.... have to fave! :stupidme:

Nice stripes. :blowkiss: Just don't let me go into finer details.:XD:
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atrylProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, thanks ^^
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Solum-IpsumHobbyist General Artist
"But Rarity, were always naked!"
Wild Tomboy Zecora FTW!!! x3

Okay, I don't mean to be harsh here, but as this is a very refined character art piece, I'd like to share my opinion on what got my attention.
(Take it as constructive criticism from someone bad at drawing but fairly good at manips.)

Her eyes seem as if they were copypasted into the picture (of course I know that's not the case). The art style seems very different compared to all the shiny rings in the picture. Also, the blurry light reflections makes her gaze hazy. Having a deep forest/jungle environment in mind, reflections may resemble brambles or shrubs in the distance, light breaking through the forest silhouette (like that random splatter pattern used to bite into the khaki background, which would give a lot of depth to it. You could also play with gradient alpha there, but yeah, this was just an idea that came to mind looking at your wonderful work! :D
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atrylProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not skilled with photoshop it would be cool to learn these things, would make my job alot easyer. I also lack of studies, so I have much to catch up on :)

Thank you for your comment ^^
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I really like your style.
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atrylProfessional Digital Artist
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Great abstract background.
Love her pose too -nice job on her face, with that little upward tilt. Front view pony heads can be tricky (at least for me).

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