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Crusaders Valentines

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you are not comrade crusaders... no furries in the holy land.. BY THE POPE

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All my attention goes to Sweetiebell😊
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Poor Sweetie looks so embarrassed :D
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I looked and I can't find the artylplus thing. I dunno what I'm supposed to do. I'm looking for it. Can you help?
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What do you mean exactly by 'atrylplus thing'? The more, uhm... Adult version of this picture is not there, try derpibooru and use tags (artist names characters). As far ax I know the mentioned picture is in the all-time top-scoring.
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Cant help but wonder... were thoose letters are going to, well Scoots seems to be Rainbow related... but the others, huuum.
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Button mash, rumble and spike\ pipsqueak!
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Magic Splash walks up, "Sweetie Belle, you gotta tell us who your Valentine is!" Sweetie:"Nope!"Shake Head No Emote 
ElephantEddie's avatar
this is the cutest thing ever.
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sweetie belle's face Meow :3 
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I got a good idea who Skootaloo is going to give her letter to.
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It's Fluttershy, isn't it? jk
pegasisterheadphones's avatar
Nope, probably rumble...
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Why is Sweetiebell so shy? Hmmmmmm
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Somehow, every time I listen to the Song Norwegian Cowbell form Paul Gilbert (… I imagine this Sweetie Belle's design wearing a leotard and performing a gymnastic dance.
Just a weird idea
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sweetybell is that for button?
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I have seen they "fox" Together!~ :iconbloodyspyplz:
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those girls aren't old enough to have breasts
Piiunivers's avatar
I'm agree with you.
Corvus-the-Snark's avatar
They are, and notice how they how all their busts are petite and still developing... Well, except for Applebloom but she may be an early bloomer
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