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Commission - Sonik


This is a commission to :iconsupersonik319:, it took a lot of time to draw, but I think it was worth it ^^ It was fun to have all you people around stream :D

It was a good practice, since I usually draw outdoor backgrounds :3

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Marvyn1990's avatar
wow look so handsome... :heart:
RainbowZomPony's avatar
Heh, Discord balloon
Krispy-Neptune's avatar
ha I love this one!
Blue-Souls's avatar
I see Celestia behind the computer : D
staticallycharged's avatar
blackhellcat's avatar
Charming to have a girl's toy draw in young men now. :aww:
atryl's avatar
Whatcha mean? :P
blackhellcat's avatar
Ok, in plain, simple English...

My Little Pony is now popular with guys. :aww:
atryl's avatar
I see. Well, it's cool :P
Zekaire-Aquanimus's avatar
THAT full commission. o.o
Maddog3060's avatar
Flippin' awesome.

Little Dashies for the win.

Does this mean you have a slot open now? ;)
atryl's avatar
Well, I don't close slots, I do a queue list now :3
Maddog3060's avatar
Really? Could I note you with one and get a spot on the queue?
Maddog3060's avatar
Thankee muchly.
SpmSL's avatar
Goddamn man that's nice
supersonik319's avatar
Thanks again for the wonderful piece!
atryl's avatar
It was my pleasure Sonik ^^
teeny16's avatar
this is incredible :D

really great job! <333
ZDForrest's avatar
I want that Celestia poster!
fernindt's avatar
BB-K's avatar
Wow, what a room. :o
Discommunicator's avatar
love that big Dash, little Dash, Dash bottle, Derpy dustbin, muffin box, "feed Derpy" post-it, Luna drawer, Celestia poster, high Pinkie, Discorded balloon, hidden Celestia, and all those Twi-Shy-Rari-AJ books.

of course the main guy too.

nice work.
atryl's avatar
You did a research on the picture I see :D :D
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