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Bon Bon Warfare

Bon Bon, the 'battle series'.
SFW version: [link]

Lyra: [link]
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Sturmlion1's avatar
Oooh. Nice pic. Think I will use it on a friends computer as his new wallpaper.
Chronomaly-Atlandis's avatar
Why are her nipples different colors?
atryl's avatar
Kaille400's avatar
Very clever making the tank Big Mac. !) Also, I find myself with a new found. . . appreciation. . . for Bon Bon. :3
djjafeth's avatar
BronyGamerr's avatar
Why didnt i find this sooner? Thanks to that tumblr post i found it.

Nice one on the tits, xD
I wanna touch those bombs. If you know what I mean
Animeculture's avatar
hordecrusher's avatar
the only enemy I'd ever face with a smile :D
arkolyte's avatar
I just realized that she has three fingers, but the grip had space for four. THIS WILL BUG ME FOREVER!

Love the art though. XD
atryl's avatar
I count 3 spaces there, the lower one is not a hole XD
blackhellcat's avatar
Floppy boobs and a soft, fat belly. :aww:
Rayhiros's avatar
The breast are the best.
I feel the need to add: I finally noticed Lotus and Aloe in the background, hot damn!!!
As someone else said and I agree: SWAG!!!
RallyFurre's avatar
Why do I look at this and think "Tank Vixens" (look it up, NSFW comic from years ago) :)
WhitMaverick's avatar
XD I love that smile on Bon Bon and "Big Mac" is an appropriate name for a tank :D

Also Spa twins!! :D
Urban-Meadows's avatar
Conkers Bad Fur Day seems to come to mind! XD What was your inspiration for this piece?
Velgarn's avatar
:iconwatmemeplz: wait a second
:iconpokerfacememeplz: one is purple the other is
:icongenius-plz: you are a genius
LamarTheHuman's avatar
you are the worst kind of faggot
Velgarn's avatar
:iconyoumustbenewhereplz: you say that because you are a famous expert of Faggots, or because you recognize those of your same kind?
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