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Bon Bon Warfare #2

Bon Bon, the 'battle series'.
Boobie version: [link]

Lyra: [link]
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Is Bon Bon pregnant?
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she's chubs. all the bonbons, y'know.
pipersuguro2233's avatar
Yes Lyra turned into rocket launcher!!!!
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So sexy and exciting!hy is Lyra always a inanimate object in these! 
Salt01's avatar
YO! Ponies like cannons!
DJP15's avatar
i love the spa twins as a paired tank crew
BaniTehPony's avatar
This reminds mea lot of the goblins in World of Warcraft for some reason lol
Good job it's awesome   
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Fuckernugget's avatar
That tank reminds me of the Paladin from Unreal Tournament 2004
LimitBreaker13's avatar
This... is so much win.
very nice details and everything. Just pure Awesomeness /)^3^(\
what game is this based on?
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No game, the tank looks like a Siege Tank from Starcraft, I didn't use reference but I think I've played too much with that game and this is how a tank looks like in my head :D
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what a crazy picture! love it thou.
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wow great! and i see Lotus and Aloe on the Tank!
Derpyhugsyou123's avatar
Bon Bon is teh last survivor
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The barrel of Bon Bon's launcher should be a bit longer past the foregrip, but otherwise full of much win.
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yes! The Big Mac tank would own!
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This is awesome! :D I love every part of it to no end! :DDD
...But why did you need a version without the shirt? Doesn't make much sense in combat. :\
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