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30min Challenge - The Wish

The topic was Maud and Celestia, so I thought after they get to know each other with Pinkie's friends she might have asked Twilight a favor.
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Oh Maud Pie...... XD 
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XD jajajajajajajaja this pict is gold!! :D
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I didn't notice the rock until after I saw the comments:laughing: 
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I love your icon... oh, and this picture too.
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Who has the 30 minute challenge for this?
atryl's avatar
what do you mean?
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I was staring at the rock then it moved and I yelled xD It was scary Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 
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lol so funneh!dat rock
I windowsed yew :3
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-looks at rock- It's not mov- Oh.
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D'awwww... I can totally picture Maud and Celestia in this kind of scenario :)
So cute!
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Heh, a Marexican jumping bean.
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SO...What about A-mare-ica? Ummm Phili-land (AKA Finland)? 
GriffinriderStampede's avatar
Ok, it's not Amareica.  It's Equestria.  And those beans only appear in Marexico.
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I was going along with the pun bro D:
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Poor Celestia, she looks like she doesn't know what to do ;-)
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"Almost as boring as those friendship reports she used to send me."

Love it.
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