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30min Challenge - The Headless Horse

for the [link]
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DAMN! that is scary!
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This is much more intimidating than that Snickers Commercial made it out to be.
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This is an epic picture! I was wondering if I could use it as a cover for a story I'm writing about the Headless Horse. Much appreciated if you could answer this.
atryl's avatar
ushm, sure go ahead
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Epic job on the Headless Horse! ...Want to make a Horseless Headless Horsemann joke, but... sadly, to call this a Horseless Headless Horse would imply that it's... nothing.
atryl's avatar
I feel your pain :(
Mediocre-Grimm's avatar
"With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop, he's out lookin' for a head to swap, so don't try to figure out a course, you can't reason with the Headless Horse!" [link]

Seriously, this is an epic job. I love the hovering eyes.
FurryXXI-02's avatar
The Legend of Steedy Hollow!
matty4z's avatar
30min of epicness!!
no idea how you could
do this so fast but dam
thats good!
bnka's avatar
You know I like Grimdark ponies... This one is very cool :)
djjafeth's avatar
lauren faust need to see this...
anti-worlder0317's avatar
(O.O) (shivers) creepy
MuttMix's avatar
You did real good job of catching the creepiness factor.
JDunk1971's avatar
Nice pic. Very good work for only 30 minutes
Invader-Alexis2's avatar

But yeah, I love it.
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How can you make this piece of awesomeness in 30 minutes only...I can't make something like this, even if it takes me a month of work...
MasterIkrit's avatar
Yes! Perfect design.
zoidledoidle's avatar
Awesome work! I love the design!
Reflexion-197's avatar
When you meet him,keep your head on your shoulders.........Okay,kill me...

The picture is awesome and I really love your style :D
J4B's avatar
I like this.
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Awesome illustration of the headless horse.
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