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30min Challenge - Greetings From Space!

Space pony on the 30min Challenge :)
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Looks like I finally got ponified xD
MrSpartin's avatar
It's Stitch's pony-esq cousin.
TRice01's avatar
Alien pony from the planet Sleipnir?
bnka's avatar
Nice Thing !
Not sure how I suppouse to call it.
dizzykrogan's avatar
ragna weep fagna weep nidi bom. thats the universal greeting for space pony and sapce slug alike
broznik592's avatar

...Oh wait, not enough legs.
NobleWolf85's avatar
very nice concept of a space pony... i am really impressed and slightly frightened at the same time lol
Goldymarg's avatar
Looks like Sweetie Belle has a use for that five legged outfit now ~
14-bis's avatar
Ha .
nice one .
I can imagine Pinkie jumping in excitement , Fluttersgy screaming and Rarity fainting .
AAlpha248's avatar
I must use this
Maddog3060's avatar
A bug-pony that isn't a changeling? Strange!
Vunlinur's avatar
I'm amazed what You can do in 30 minutes...
Siapran's avatar
Is this a reference to the sneak MLP reference in FTL where you find intelligent lifeforms on a nearby planet?

Link to the actual in-game text: [link]
DragonTurtle2's avatar
Your textures would be great to see in other sci-fi works.
Theedarkcorner's avatar
Heck yeah! Space ponies! They look like they could trip over their own feet, though, unless they move like a crocodile.
Baxyratty's avatar
as long as he/she doesn't come with a book entitled "To Serve Pony" they can stay :) nive work Atryl
Jlun2's avatar
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses... so I may enslave them all!
KingArthur5's avatar
Ever want to make your own alien being? Follow these SIX easy steps and you will be on your way to creating life in the cosmos in no time!

Rules on how to make an alien:
Add extra anything/everything: CHECK
Different eye-type (all pupil, all white, compounded): CHECK
Predicted space-age clothing: CHECK
Waxy/slimy: CHECK
Head protrusions (gills, fins (like the changelings), tentacles, antennae): CHECK
and, most importantly, IS GREEN: CHECK

Now that you have completed the alien-maker checklist, you have now made an official looking alien! Congratulations and thank you for choosing Twilight's Lists for all of your checklist needs!
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