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30min Challenge - Giddy Up!

By atryl
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I love this.Just the cutest thing I have EVER seen.The little Filly sitting on a chicken...LOVE IT!!
The eyes on the pony are so cute.You can tell the hen is not impressed...but as long as the filly looks happy Im happy.
I love how she holds the little reins that are going to the hen's beak . Its just lovely,It looks like it took longer than 30 minuets to draw,for me,it would take over five freaking hours.I think its very cute how the chicken's tail feathers lift her tail.I also love how her hair just poofs up at the top and around the pink ribbon.
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SnIcK3RdOoDl3Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry, I meant to click fair!! :omgnoes: 
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Bman-64Hobbyist General Artist
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aaaww!!! So cuuute I'm gonna die!!! :love: :love: :love:
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SinfulVixXXHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Scootaloo.
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CiskatEllenHobbyist General Artist
:D Sorry, but that chicken's not budgin'!
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oh isn't that the pony that the mane 6 took in instead of the games inspector?
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FilthyRatHobbyist Digital Artist
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SofiBom025Student Artist
ME encanta tu arte :D
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TomradeMStudent Traditional Artist
haha I love chickens, this is so cute!
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Hyperwave9000Hobbyist Digital Artist
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What a cute face she has/had...
Mediocre-Grimm's avatar
A talent for riding chickens?...

That is the single most greatest talent in the history of ever...of all time...

Also similar to this picture, which is also one of the most adorable pictures in the history of ever...of all time.
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einsmanHobbyist Photographer
~hits chicken with a sword repeatedly~
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Yeehaw.... xD
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kalie0216Hobbyist Digital Artist
This picture, this picture right here is the reason I am watching you.:) you are so great at art, your proportions and your STYLE!! Everything about what you draw is absolutely perfect I would not change it at all
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JonesOmega54Student General Artist
Oh yea, ride that cock
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It's so cute :D
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the chicken expression XD LOL
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koopaparatroopa1924Hobbyist Artist
I hate this character so much...

But I love this drawing :D
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supercalifrawhatsitStudent General Artist
Why is chickadee riding scootaloo? And why does she have a scootaloo cutiemark?
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BiscakeProfessional Filmographer
Very beautiful style you have! I just love the way you draw. I think I will have to watch you~ ;w;
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I just loved this character in the show. She was so delightful. I'm glad to see fanart of her.
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crow-proxyHobbyist General Artist
She became in instant fave background pony.
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