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***********************SPECIAL ISSUE***********************

STAYING ALIVE: Unique Clubs You Want to Support!

In this very special 50th edition of The Lit List, I am featuring some clubs that are my personal favourites here on deviantART. I've listed below several literature clubs that I feel have something unique about them along with a solid management system. These days, unique ideas are hard to come by, especially ones that are well-implemented, so these clubs I think are worth keeping your eye on.

Below, you'll find The Lit List as usual, but please please please read this section first. These clubs need your continued support to keep them alive!

The Enlightener: the-haiku-club is a wonderful place to learn about the well-known but often misunderstood genre of Eastern poetry. Don't be put off by the club's name, though, as it is a misnomer: the club is devoted to ALL forms of Eastern poetry, not just haiku. Senryu, Saijiki, Tanka, and many more are all interesting forms worth delving into. the-haiku-club is a place not just to write but also to learn.

The Pillar: Not only is it the first literature club to be officially made a Group, but Writers-Workshop is also run by none other than the lovely, dedicated, and talented BeccaJS. In addition to its excellent variety of workshops aimed at expanding your knowledge of literature, it supports writers by giving them leadership opportunities. Anyone with a good idea and some basic organizational skills can try their hand at becoming a Workshop Host, running their own theme for a couple of weeks. Writers-Workshop also encourages critique by featuring the individual that writes the most helpful/insightful critique of one of the entries.

The Fledgling: six-words is a small club run by Drunken-Splice with a simple premise: provide writers with six words of inspiration, then ask them to work them into a piece of literature (in order). It can be a tough challenge, especially when the words seem entirely unrelated, and you have to connect them in a way that flows naturally. While this club is not new, they have only released ten prompts, which I suppose could qualify them as "fledgling." While six-words is waiting for the Groups platform in order to make a comeback, their previous prompts are always open for practice!

The Ground-Breaker: Ok, so I'm a little biased on this one, but I had to include ProsePlease on my list of unique clubs worth supporting. This prose specific group, which will soon be located on the pages of LITplease, is the only club with a section devoted to encouraging creative nonfiction writing. The club continues to forge ahead in their desire pursue, promote, and propel nonfiction writing out into the wider dA world.

The Harmonizer: I lied. There is one other club that pushes nonfiction and that's Book-Reviews. This club, as the name implies, accepts the submission of book reviews to not only encourage nonfiction writing but also to encourage people to READ, which is very important! This club is always in need of people to write more reviews, so please help support both writing AND reading.

The Chirper: There's no way you haven't heard about Lit-Twitter...right? This club is not so much a club as it is a service. If you have a twitter account, Lit-Twitter allows you to follow all the lit happenings on dA, like a constant Lit List! If you don't have a twitter account, then get one!

The Builder: versebyverse is dedicated to one thing: fixed-form poetry. Not only are the poems they encourage written very structured but the club itself is rigid--that is to say, they are consistent. Every month, expect a form prompt and a word prompt, without delay or excuses. There are not a lot of clubs that support fixed form poetry that live to tell the tale, so keep this one around for a long time!

There are so many clubs out there to support, and I can't possibly mention them all. Those listed above are, to me, some of the most unique AND well-run of the clubs. There are many well-run clubs that are also run-of-the-mill, and there are many unique clubs that fail due to their extraordinarily narrow focus (combined with lack of focus by their owner). The ones I listed above were the ones I felt had a good balance of the two key ingredients: good management and uniqueness. I apologize for those clubs I wanted to mention but forgot, as I'm sure there are some.

***********************THE LIT LIST***********************

If you want to affiliate with The Lit List, please use this… which will lead people to the most recent issue. Thank you!


Poetry Prompts

:new:December Prompts from distinctpoetry.
:new:Challenge #45 from PoetryPlease.
:new:Womb with a View from RawEm0tion.  
October Prompts from simplypoetry.   
:new:Open Form Month from versebyverse

Prose Prompts

:new:Snow from fiftywordfiction.
Write Something Beautiful from ProsePlease's ProsePrompt section.
:new:Where Did You Grow Up from ProsePlease's Nonfiction Nook.
:new:December Prompts by simplyprose.
:new:Green from Soundzine.
:new:December Flash Fiction Prompt from writeaway.

General Prompts

Change Your Spots Challenge from RavensQuill.
Dreamland Writing Prompt from TheBrassGlass.
:new:Blessed be the Child from leoraigarath.
October Prompts from Letters-Words-Write.
November Prompts from Prompt-A-Day.  
<a href="…"pop marry snow trance marinade friction wheat recant structure" from six-words.
Circus from soul-paper-lit-club.
They all begin... from Start-Writing-Club.    
45 Writing Prompts from veiled-eyes.


Poetry Contests

What Do You See? from Live-Love-Write. Deadline Dec. 15, 2009.
:new:Sonorous Sounds from the-haiku-club. Deadline Dec. 15, 2009.
Ode to Love from BiShoujoMiharu. Deadline Dec. 21, 2009.
:new:December Saijiki Contest from the-haiku-club. Deadline Dec. 31, 2009.
:new:An Itty-Bitty Contest from aillesdors. Deadline Jan. 2, 2009.

Prose Contests

Abuse from DailyLitDeviations. Deadline Dec. 15, 2009.

General Contests

Cancer Awareness Contest from pullingcandy. Deadline Dec. 5, 2009.
:new:Heart of Persona: Animal Round from Scribblers-Anonymous. Deadline Dec. 23, 2009.
All About Life from Shards-of-Shame. Deadline Jan. 1, 2010.
:new:Childhood Memories from Inked-Page. Jan. 10, 2010.
:new:Christmas/Winter Holiday Literature Contest from Poetrymann. Deadline Jan. 15, 2009.


#booksnow, official room of BooksNowChat.
#cabal, official room of The-Cabal.
#classiclit, just before the G spot.
#dalit, a rest stop and workplace for writers of all sorts.
#distinct, official room of DistinctLiterature.
#flashfictionmonth:, official room of Flash-Fic-Month.
#flashlit, a place for FlashLit players to play without disturbing anyone.
#getlit, official room of getLIT.  
#litdeviations, the official room of DailyLitDeviations.
#literazzi, a place for writers of all levels and folks who love literature.
#litfactory, a place where all poets and writers are warmly welcomed.
#litgdoncall, a room where lit GD's hang for the sole purpose of answering your questions.
#lithate, for those without free love.
#litliove, home of the supportive and encouraging literature community.
#litplease, official joint room of PoetryPlease and ProsePlease.
#litqna, a room strictly for questions regarding Literature.
#litshare, a room where you can share your lit pieces.
#LitteraeAmor, a locked chat (can you get in?).
#litterbugs, official room of LitterBugs.
#projectimprovechat:, official room of project-improve.
#rawem0tion, official room of RAWEMOTION.
#Scissors, for writers serious about developing, shaping and sharing their craft.
#scribesanctuary,  official room of ScribeSanctuary.
#theeapiooc, one of two official rooms of EAPIrp.
#theeapirp, one of two official rooms of EAPIrp.
#trashrock, official room of Trashrock.
#wlc, official room of WickedlyLoquacious.
#WriteAwayPoetryProse, the official room of writeaway.
#writersmeow, official room of :devwritersmeow:.


helping-the-unknown has a collection of literature that features little known writers, and they're always looking for more. Suggest Something
smoking-mirrors is accepting prompt topic suggestions on behalf of Flash-Fic-Month. Suggest Something
TheFavoritesProject wants your poetry feature suggestions.
Lit-Resources will enter you in a draw for prizes if you suggest someone to feature.
Prose-R-Us wants suggestions for writers they can feature.



Critique With a Theme: Flow from TheCritiqueBox.


Hauos Critique Headquarters.
Live-Love-Write offers Poetry & Prose Critiques.
project-improve of Poetry & Prose Critiques.
secondmagpie's <a href="…>Critique-A-Week Project.

Give & Receive:

:new:Critique-It's December Critiques.
DeviantArt's Literature Workshop Forum
Inked-Page's Comment Project.
Lit-Lovers's Community Critique Box
PoetryPlease's Workshop Forum.
ProsePlease's Community Critics
:new:Prose-R-Us's Workshop.
:new:TheCritiqueBox's Critiquables.
The-Novelist-Club's Writer's Circle Workshop.
:new:writeaway.'s <a…">Comment Service.
writingclub's Critique List.


Poetry Positions

PoetryPlease is looking for a Contest Admin.
SongofthePoets is looking for a Co-Owner, a Contest Manager, and a Members Manager.   

Prose Positions
:new:Book-Reviews is looking for a Co-Admin.
distinctprose is looking for a Co-Admin.
ProsePlease is looking for a ProsePrompt Admin and Community Critics Admin.

General Positions

DailyDeviants is looking for Literature Team Members.
LITplease is in need of Chatroom Moderators.
:new:Live-Love-Write is looking for Co-Admins and Critics.
LyricalPoets is looking to fill a variety of positions.
:new:project-improve is looking to fill several positions.
:new:Scribblers-Anonymous is looking for several general staff members.
writeaway is looking for a Resource Manager.
:new:Writers-Club is looking for a Forums Manager.
Writers-Workshop is looking for Workshop Hosts.
writingclub is looking for Club Critics.


Live-Love-Write wants you to vote for the winners of the Create Your Own Character contest by Nov. 5, 2009.
TheDeviantAwards wants you to nominate your favorite for Best Literature Critic and Best Songwriter.
versebyverse wants you to vote for the winner of the best of form for the haiku prompt.
writingclub wants you to vote for the winner of the Lost in Time Contest.


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Gypsie-inBleu Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009   Writer
Thank you for the wonderful resources! :aww:
Drunken-Splice Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2009  Professional Writer
The Fledgling, eh? haha. Thanks for the props. I've been missing for a little while as the semester ends here, but hopefully I'll be able to spread some wings for ~six-words soon :)
versebyverse Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2009
Thanks very much for the information about our group that you included, it is greatly appreciated.
Start-Writing-Club Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009
You´re amazing. The detail you put into these things!
*reads the amazing lit list*
Looking at the clubs you highlighted, I wonder if my club should have a narrower focus, but I like it the way it is, too. It's hard finding time for it when I'm also designing a writing festival at my school when its never had one before, haha.\

Thank you so much for keeping this up! It's really wonderful what you do. It connects clubs who may not have ever heard of each other otherwise. XD
LitWIP Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009
Thank you for mentioning the project in your article It is very much appreciated. :rose:
Iscariot-Priest Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009
Thanks for mentioning two projects I'm involved in. It's an honor. :)
Lit-Twitter Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
Chirp, it's been twittered. And :heart:
PaperDart Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009   Writer
Awesomeness! I love the special edition. :D
Friedemann Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009   Writer
I dig the titles and descriptions of your club faves.

And as always, thank you.
Netbug009 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Professional Writer
These are so wonderful. Thank you! :D
FullMetalMono Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice job with the special edition!

50 editions. That's dedication. :thumbsup:
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