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Introducing the Premium Content Platform
DeviantART is proud to announce our Premium Content Platform
Providing the ability for content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings by making digital files of their high-quality work available for download. Sellers are able to set their own prices while retaining 80% of all revenue earned, and buyers are able to quickly get the things they want with the satisfaction of supporting the artists they love.
What is Premium Content?
The Premium Content Platform was built to represent high-quality content — the premier pieces in an artist's repertoire of work. We encourage the sale of everything from comics or stories for download, to high-res files like .PSDs, textures, tutorials, brush packs, and more!
:iconheidi:Heidi 1,669 4,115
Did You Know? - 20th September
:iconnamenotrequired:namenotrequired 50 141
Write and Revise Contest: Part 1
You thought we were going to let you rest after the Summer Contest, huh? Wrong! We're back with a two-parter to hopefully get you both creating and editing, as all good writers must. This contest is brought to you by VertigoArt, who has rejoined the ranks of DLD as our contest and affiliate admin! :eager: Please go give him some love.
Part 1: Go Wild!
The first part of the contest is relatively simple: write something. It can be a journal, a stream of consciousness, a scrap of a poem, an idea you've had for ages or one that comes to you in a burst of inspiration.
This part of the contest is open  from August 11th to September 11th, 2012 October 11th, 2012.
If you need some help getting started check out prompts set up by our affiliate groups, Live-Love-Write listed in their blog here: and theWrittenRevolution archived here:
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 54 74
The Favorites Project #165, #166, #167
Presenting the LITplease Favorites Project!
Quick Notes
Anyone can (and should) suggest any piece of quality lit! Scroll below for our guidelines and details.
Feature #165

Goldenrod by lion-essrampant
....katydids screech chamber music
Mozart forgot to write....
read more
Suggested by: LadyofGaerdon
Featured by: 
LadyofGaerdon Raneva
xMotherMoonx awholelotofflowers insomaniac55 
Feature #166

i saw god leaving the shore by IyraEMM
....deja vu dripping down
Slipping l
:iconlitplease:LITplease 3 6
Art History- Welcome to Literature!

Hello everyone! :wave:
This Month, the ArtHistoryProject has collaborated with CRLiterature to bring you a whole month of Literature history! We have got a very exciting month ahead, varying through an array for specialist subjects from six word stories, to chidlren’s literature and from tricksters to fantasy literature. Hopefully there will be lots of informative articles that interest you as a reader!
From early hieroglyphics to 50 Shades of Grey, literature has had a wonderful and varied journey,  one which spreads over many genres, styles and cultures. This month we will be looking at just some of these through a series of articles written by members of the literature community. These articles are snippets of the great history this proud art form has to boast.
We are inviting everyone, not just “writers” to come and get involved with this month! Maybe you will uncover a subject you knew nothing about but found deeply interesting, or feel
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 13 11
A Field Guide to Trolls on dA
Ah yes, the uncomfortable truth.  You see, there is a drawback to become well known and popular on deviantart and that is the Devious Bullus Trollius otherwise known as the DeviantArt trolls.  Every well known artist and no few authors have had their share of these pests; they are widespread, they are numerous, they are a pain.
Trolls come in a few flavors, but they all share a few things in common:
They enjoy kicking people down just for the 'lulz'.
They enjoy annoying people just for the 'lulz'
They are bulllies.
However, beyond that baseline, we have a few different flavors of troll and here they are:
Lulz Troll
The Troll who does it 'just for the lulz'.  These trolls go after well known pieces, DDs and popular pieces and drop a mean, rude, or crude comment just to piss people off.  The Lulz Troll feeds off of anger, hostility, and payback comments on their page.  They like to watch their pageviews go up, even if it is
:icontanashai:Tanashai 64 135
ScreamPrompt #28, September 2012
In the hopes of maybe spurring more than 14 of you to write a story for the group this month... I'm going to have to do something drastic.  I'm expecting stories from each of you because there is no excuse for not doing the following:  I feel like making you all get introspective and personal.  We're familiar with the tired advice of "write what you know", so that's what we're gonna do this month.  There is no way there should be any stragglers with this one.  You all know something, right?
:bulletred: Think of a word/adjective you don't like being called.  Tell a story about someone (NOT YOU) fitting this adjective.  Something bad should happen to them that should teach them a lesson and they end up redeeming themselves in the end.
What word/adjective you don't like being called?  For me, that would be "princess".  In the past, the guys in the kitchen would call me that and I'd have no ide
:iconscreamprompts:ScreamPrompts 12 91
Useless Advice (and How To Make It Better)
I know the journal is long. I'm not going to apologize for it. This is all advice I've seen given to writers in the dAmn chatrooms over the last few days and it's all made me want to smash my face into a brick wall. Covered in broken glass. And lemon juice. I thought I'd share my thoughts on the matter. I'd love to hear yours, too.
What's the worst advice you've gotten as a writer?
"Practice Makes Perfect"
I hate the phrase "practice makes perfect." No, it really doesn't. Or rather, it does. If you're doing it wrong and all you do is practice, you'll get it perfectly wrong. There's so much more to improving than that. We've all seen people who do nothing but practice but are still stuck at the same skill level they were at when they were eight. Why? Because that's all they do. If you must encourage someone to improve, suggest they find someone to teach them if they are incapable of learning on their own, offer constructive criticism, suggest they try something in a different way,
:iconagmeade:AGMeade 11 24
TWG's Featured Deviant of the Month - August 2012
:wave: Hello, lovely members! LadyofGaerdon here to continue our series:

Featured Deviant of the Month 

 This month's Featured Deviant is..........:eager:
TalentedWritersGuild is a literature group committed to the encouragement, collection, and archival of high quality prose and poetry works. To find out more about the group, please click here.
 Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. As judges, we look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. When we vote, we consider all these thi
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 10 35
ScreamPrompt #27, August 2012 + group changes!
We're gonna do something a little different.  Here's the prompt for the month:  
Write a story.  It should be at least 1000 words but no more than 2000.  It can be a vignette or a short story.  It can be any genre.  It can be any POV.  Hell, it can even be in 2nd person!
:bulletred: It can't be that easy.
You're right.  
You can't use any adverbs.  
Remember where you are.  
:bulletred:  Lolwut?  No adverbs?
There are many types of adverbs and uses; the following information is a quick overview.  Read through that and then I will explain further what I am looking for.  I RECOMMEND YOU READ THE SOURCES LISTED BELOW because I don't want to just copy-paste from them and they will explain more in-depth than I want to get into here; this is a prompt, not a workshop.
:iconscreamprompts:ScreamPrompts 19 212
Run your own Community Project!
Edit: I am no longer looking after Community Projects. For now please contact Moonbeam13 instead. If you're interested in this position, see A New Community Volunteer Vacancy :)
Did you know that everyone on deviantART can organise a project? :eager: Some examples of current projects can be found here. Do you want to raise awareness for a cause? Start a contest or group? Make people participate in something fun and artistic? Make it happen!
Now, you can do this all on your own - but the dA staff and volunteers are here to help you with it, too :) This is a major part of my role as Volunteer for Community Projects, in particular. So if you would like some help, please send me, namenotrequired, a note!
Not sure how to organise it? Want some more exposure
:iconnamenotrequired:namenotrequired 63 119
Ongoing Community Projects
Community Projects are a great way to get involved on DeviantArt This article lists ongoing projects in the DeviantArt Community. It will be updated often, so keep your eye on this space. :eager:
Run your own project!
Did you know that you can run a project, too? :eager: And we can help you! Check out CRCommunityProjects to find out how to run your own Community Project, or to get some support for your project!
Ongoing Projects
These projects are ongoing! Get involved! If you're interested in starting a new project, or you have a new project that you'd like listed here, please note Astralseed.
Pay-It-Forward Project by AzizrianDaoXrak
Praising Life by Astrikos
:iconcommunityrelations:communityrelations 40 62
Art History Project- September is Literature!
:new: 30/08/12: Almost ready to launch! Alongside this month, inknalcohol is conducting a series of cheeky lit interviews for Art History, so keep an eye out for what he uncovers! 
There are still lots of slots for people to submit articles too! Don't forget, we can have more than one article on the same day! Please get those proposals in! Who is your favourite author? What Book/Poem has had the most influence on you? Bring it on!
24/08/12: Hey guys, we're still looking to fill this up nice and meaty! Don't forget, the articles don't have to be as in depth as some of you are thinking and can be about specific authors, styles or even something different such as interviews or chat event (get your lit group involved!). 
If you're not sure about your idea, please still send it in, we have a wonderful crack commando unit who are helping for crimes they didn't commit in the backroom. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, you can use this team! :D
Also, those who
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 35 53
The Writing Haven's Contest!
Here's a new contest to celebrate :iconthewritinghaven:TheWritingHaven's birthday! YAY!
P.S. If any of the winners didn't receive their points from last time, I apologize. Kelasha isn't active anymore, so if you'll please note me if you didn't get your points from her, I'll send some over. Sorry for the inconvenience.
P.S.S. The birthday also means that anyone who hasn't submitted anything to date is going to be KICKED OUT! We need to make room for new members :D
If you would like to become a judge or donate prizes, shoot me a note!
If you become a judge, you can still participate in the contest, you just cannot vote for your own deviation.
Here are the two prompts (a poetry prompt and a prose prompt):
Use ten of the following words and put them in your poem. Make sure to say which words you used in the artist's comments! (And it wouldn't hurt to italicize them in the poem either)
:iconcrliterature:CRLiterature 7 10

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst, how bad to you find your writing from, say, two years ago to be? 

17 deviants said 3 - Mediocre.
16 deviants said 4
14 deviants said 2 -
10 deviants said 1 - Pretty good, actually
10 deviants said 5 - Bad, really bad


:iconprojecteducate: :iconcrliterature: :icondaseniors: :iconcritique-it: :iconscreamprompts: :iconwriters-workshop: :iconhq:


dALinkSystem Stamp 2 by dALinkSystem Miscat Clean Up Stamp by ATrue
dArama Llamas Plea by Ikue Power to the Lefties by 666qqq666:thumb113308459: Fantasy Writer's Stamp by SashaFitzgerald deviouslyADDICTED by KittiesGoShoot Originality stamp by rage1986 Nor should you by jussta Comebacks by Mr-Stamp Stamp: I Support O.o by xxsomeoneelsexx:thumb110476296::thumb108802803: CAUTION: Highly Opinionated by LostKitten I'm Here for the Long Term by realitysquared I support Advanced Critique by Jibrille-Hillbert .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo Smart is Sexy--AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub Canada Beating Heart Stamp by l8 sarcasm.. by Numbuh-9


guitar for the nature by Tobinso guitar for the nature :icontobinso:Tobinso 35 22 trouble that can't be named by spongebob27 trouble that can't be named :iconspongebob27:spongebob27 9 7 Hunting House by GrimDreamArt Hunting House :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 1,495 300 One More Day by angrymikko One More Day :iconangrymikko:angrymikko 835 63 Cerulean by cogwurx Cerulean :iconcogwurx:cogwurx 60 38 Idyll by uvar Idyll :iconuvar:uvar 2,564 220 Geisha Pin up by OoAngeliusoO Geisha Pin up :iconooangeliusoo:OoAngeliusoO 1,747 270 Sleeping Garden by WojciechDziadosz Sleeping Garden :iconwojciechdziadosz:WojciechDziadosz 3,899 660



Thank you for submitting this to LITplease for critique. Sorry you had to wait so long, what with the backlog and all, but we're about ...

Thank you for submitting this to #LITplease for critique. I am very sorry you had to wait so long for the feedback! Rest assured we are...

Hello all my faithful watchers,

You may or may not have noticed that I've been quiet for quite a while. I pulled away from dA significantly, partially because I'm busy in real life, and partly because I don't feel quite at home here anymore. There isn't one thing I can put my finger on that makes me feel this way; it seems to be more of a series of things that separately are insignificant, but added up mean a lot. I was finally able to make a trip to Los Angeles this year, and even with three months of advanced warning, a visit to HQ didn't happen for various reasons (no one person's fault in particular). I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I'm not mad, and I still love dA, but I really need to take a step back and re-evaluate my priorities. I've poured thousands, even tens of thousands of hours into the lit community here, and all that time took away from other important things in my life: my family, school, and my own writing career.

I have handed over control of LITplease to the beautiful, talented and dedicated xMotherMoonx. LiliWrites has agreed to take the Lit Community Fundraiser points from me and distribute them to the community in an equitable fashion fitting for the fundraiser's original purpose. I took down a large part of my gallery, though there are still forty or so deviations there for your enjoyment (for now).

I don't know when I'll be back, if I'll be back. I'm going to wait and see how I feel in a few months or years. Thank you to everyone who has watched me, read me, critiqued me, worked for me and otherwise supported me during the past seven years, first as PunknEra and then as ATrue. You all have and will continue to mean very much to me.

Even now, I'm feeling a little choked up. I'm glad I'm writing this and not saying it.


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Party Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
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