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Tyrannotitan chubutensis

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Underrated Dinosaur

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Very nicely done - did I see this image on a Prehistoric Times cover?
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This is beautiful... 
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Great job here, I love this dino!
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- *nomnomnom* 
- Ow! Stop it! 

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..Majestic. Just, majestic.
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"Ow! Dude, lay off!"
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WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
VERY VERY GREAT, BEAUTIFUL AND FANTASTIC ARTWORK !!!:) (Smile)  :) (Smile) :) (Smile)  :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
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This is so awsome. I love it.:D
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A beautiful artwork!
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I love how you've captured the tussle with the dust coming off the ground. 

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That is beautiful! How did you get such great detail!?!?! :)
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What are the two holes on the roof of the one being bitten's mouth
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Such a cool dinosaur deserves more popularity
Are they preparing to mate?Sherlock Holmes 
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hey dont bite his nose! dont kick him either you know how to pretend right????
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Beautiful work! I love how you can even see the choana in the mouth of the one being bitten. The detail on the scales is magnificent. The anatomy's nearly perfect. I love your work and can't wait to see more!
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finally a good picture of tyrannotitan! I hope we find more of this giant in argentina so we know more about it.
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Amazing! and appropriately violent…
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Another wonderful painting, you really are a master :)
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