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Tyrannosaurus steps

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People now be like: Hippity hoppity this tutorial is now. M Y. P R O P E R T Y

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Although the tree would have been more red, I still love your effort in making this.

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Very beautiful Rexy!

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Ничего себе!
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How do you get all those tiny pebbled scales to behave so nicely with the light and shadow, and the different skin colors?
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Tyrannosaurus Rex The Biggest Baddest Dino of All of Them.
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Is this digital art? If so, what canvas dimensions do you usually use? What brush configurations have you found work best for the initial sketch (size, color, opacity, etc. of the brush)?

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The original size is 2000x2000 pixels. Brushes are ordinary, round without any transparency. I draw a contour drawing (1), then fill (2), then shadows (3), etc. The whole picture is about 3-4 hours.

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Your art has evolved tremendously since the old days of the Russian paeloartist forum! Your dinosaurs have gained a lot of life!
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