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Torvosaurus gurneyi

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Big fan of yours bro.. can you help me with the tools you use for the paintings? You are a big inspiration

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I didn’t realize at first that those infants boast feathers
what are the sauropods in the background? Supersaurus?
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More likely Lusotitan; a cousin of Brachiosaurus from Portugal. Also, Supersaurus was a Diplodocid.

Over 11 meters long and over 7 metric tons in weight, this thing represented the absolute apex of predators around its time.
Whoops, I thought this was a drawing of T. gurneyi. My bad, gurneyi was “only“ 10 meters long and about 4-5 metric tons in weight. The specimen I referred to is “Elvis“, a Torvosauris tanneri.
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Actually, both T. tanneri and T. gurneyi are estimated to be 10 meters long and 3.6-4.5 tonnes (4-5 tons) in weight since 2014:…
Sorry for the late reply but my cellphone is really unreliable. That was in 2014, two years before the absolutely enormous 1.31 metre skull of a Torvosaurus tanneri. A ten metre specimen had a 1.15 metre long skull so you can possibly imagine just how big Elvis, the new specimen, was.
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Do you find this on google or what? Because none of your work seems to be pulled of off encyclopedias.
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Ha-ha ))), I painted this. In fact, I have about a dozen books.
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Два пушистика - не так давно проклюнувшиеся птенцы?
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VERY VERY  fantastic and nice  job  !!!:) :D (Big Grin) 
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Wow! That's absolutely wonderful.
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Wow, what a beauty! Are the little dinosaurs her chicks? Just a little more information in your captions would be really appreciated by your many fans!

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They seem to have plumage, where Torvo visibly has none (Fitting for an allosaur). They must coelurosaurs of some kind. For the time and place, I'd say Coelurus (most likely for size), Tanycolagreus or Stokesosaurus (both maybe too big).
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It was considered one at the time I posted the comment. I actually remember specifically looking that up at the time to make sure I wasn't making a fool of myself. The classifications for Allosaurs, Megalosaurs, Carnosaurs, etc. has been really wonky and fluxing for quite a while now. You should see the edit histories for the Wikipedia pages, it's a nightmare. P.S. how do italicize in DA comments? I've been wondering about that.
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Thanks. And like I said, I was going by Wikipedia. Take it up with them. I mean, it's clearly been rectified now. Testing. Nice.
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The most beautiful Torvosaurus I;ve ever seen :clap: Amazing work.
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Incredible! Wonderful! Amazing! I love this drawing :D   What do you use to draw?
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He didn't draw this
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He did, actually
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