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Tapejara wellnhoferi

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Looks like Julio Lacerda's got some competition!
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Great Tapejara. Very real. Now I have a habit : waiting for your new work all days :))
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I'm slowly starting to believe that there's no dinosaur that you cannot draw .... simply amazing! :O
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Pterosaurs are actually one species of dinosaurs.
So if I say that he can draw all dinosaurs that includes pterosaurs.

I thought you should know that, so that the title "Prehistoric Master" would be more fitting.
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No, pterosaurs and dinosaurs both evolved from archosaurs. Get your facts right.
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No, Pterosaurs aren't Dinosaurs. While both are Archosaurs(more specifically, Avemetatarsalians/Ornithodirans,), each are a distinct clades; Dinosauria & Pterosauria. The term Dinosaur does not apply to anything prehistoric, that's why Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Mosasaurs, and such aren't Dinosaurs.

So ThePrehistoricMaster is correct in saying that.
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  I love the comb -- wonderful!
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I'm never seen this pterosaur has a comb-like crest similar to jungle fowl.
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i cant believ the amount of detail, amazing piece of art :)
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Just amazing, the detail is breath-taking!
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Отлично получилось! Животные, фон... Похоже на фотографию)
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 Amazing !!!
Regards Jacek
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Nice... You do not disappoint.
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Nice portrayal. ^^
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Wow! What an amazing and ugly animal! ^^ I love it!
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Damn your work is brilliant! A serious talent! :)
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Ooo! Nice idea with the chicken-comb! Never seen that before!
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This looks awesome ! I love the chicken looks ! Though I thought the crest was actually larger.
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