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Spinosaurus and Sigilmassasaurus

By atrox1
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Sigilmassasaurus has returned once again!

New mid-cervical vertebral morphotype of Spinosauridae from the Kem Kem Group of Morocco ~ look it up!

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Which one is the Spinosaurus and Sigilmassasaurus?

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Not the poster, but I'm pretty sure Sigil is on the right. Lefty very much looks like a modern reconstruction of Spino.
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I love the colors. Everything is so vivid here. 
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Knucklewalking Animals have very onger Forearms, seeing Chalicotherium, Gorilla, Giant Sloth ,and Knucklewalking the only Alternate for a Quadruped Walk ...Theropods dont  pronate his Hands
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İndeed; Spinosaurus is likely Bipedal
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The colors, the shading, the motion. Everything about this is perfect. Amazing work!
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Nice, though it looks like it's based on Hartman's "correction", which tuned out to be wrong. However, Andrea Cau's version is quite likely.
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never heared of sigilmassasaurus but i assume its the mini spino there?
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Its a new species of Gigantic (Rex sized or bigger) Spinosauroid; from same habitat/s & location/s as many other Titan sized Predators (and its relative) like Spinosaurus, Charcarodontasaurus, Bahariasaurus A giant Crocodymorph probably a descendant of Sarcosuchus...etc. (there are many I forgot some of their name) :)
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Sigil was a tiny sossig Kem Kem Giants - REMAKE by randomdinos
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they reclassified the 15m spino to sigil im pretty sure
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I know (Sossig ? :P) My information about the Sigil was the speculative size's that after come the taxon deemed genuine. My bad :)

But is there an exact size of Sigilmassasaurus ? No site seemed to has one.
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You do know this guy is one of the most valuable sources on dinosaur sizes right? Also…
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I know. :nod:
I was trying to say I wasn't found a size for Sigil on the wiki or google  

Oh; that vicious unforgiving rich Chief
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it's far from rex sized
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I am sorry I was first read the Sigilmassa could be up to 12m from first news that make it a genunie taxon. 
My bad ^^;
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cool nice to hear there is a cool new spinosaur (i still feel like they should be called suchomimids)
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İndeed; its the mighty Sigilmassasaurus; İt belongs to inner Spinosauridae; along with İrritator & Spinosaurus :)
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the face and hooked hand claw kind of give it away :D
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