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Rapetosaurus is bad, but much worse in my opinion is Pantydraco. What the hell were those people thinking who named a dinosaur like that?
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I'd rather not hang with a Rapetosaurus...
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Yeah that's been an awkward coincidence around the table at professional paleontology associations like SVP as well. At the Vegas convention I tried to introduce the guy to some cute ladies gathering around the mammal and fish presentation posters... but.... they were having none of him. :XD:
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Me gustan mucho los dinosaurios, y las imágenes que tu creas sobre ellos son muy buenas, te felicito :) tienes mucho talento.
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Rapetosaurus Rules and Rocks! :)

I love this Dinosaur!
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I think this is my favorite, the texture on the belly with the cast shadow from the shoulder and neck. Very nice. How big was this one ?
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The length of the lizard about 15 feet.
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ARgh... I was afraid this was coming, should have said it in a different way. I meant the size of the picture.
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:) 35 cm from nose to tail.
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What is your reference for the proportions? The mounted skeleton I saw in Chicago looked much different (longer neck, shorter tail), but that may be because it was immature.
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You're right the neck actually is a lot longer and the tail shorter. That doesn't make this a bad illustration, just means it isn't Rapetosaurus. It would look fine for Trigonosaurus or another more moderate-necked titanosaur. I think the link (which is broken) was to a Mark Hallett skeletal which has an even shorter neck. Hallett didn't even get to see the neck bones in person, apparently he was just told to draw a generic titanosaur and shown a picture of the skull. Which explains why other parts of his skeletal (including the unusually thick limb bones) don't look anything like the real specimen.

Immature sauropods didn't shorten the neck as they grew, they actually lengthened it relative to the rest of the body. Which means that an adult Rapetosaurus should have a neck of downright scary proportions. Maybe even giving Erketu a run for its money.
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Отлично получилось!
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