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Permian reptiles

nikkasaurus, anteosaurus, estemmenosuchus
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Not reptiles. Separate group, actually. They split off of the same common ancestors though.
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It´s watercolor? Awesome!
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Weren't they half-reptiles/ half-mammalian?
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Супер! Эстемменозух вышел очень красивым, окрас - то, что надо. А на работе с антеозавром мне понравился фон. Серьёзно, туман как бы передаёт загадочность, таинственность. Пять баллов за все три работы!)
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Fabulous work, as always!
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Я в восторге от любой вашей работы!!!
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Great work! :) What kind of therapsid is Nikkasaurus actually?
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Last time I knew they were incertae sedis :( (most said it's one of basal therapsids) see for example here [link]
JWArtwork's avatar
Thanks! :) Well here [link] it says it might be a distant relative of gorgonopsids, though I somewhat doubt that... =/ Maybe it could be related to Watongia or Raranimus...
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so awesome, i watched a documentary with the permian period in it today, none of these were in it tho :p
JWArtwork's avatar
Which one did you watch:?
JWArtwork's avatar
Thanks a lot! :)
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да эстеменозух очень понравился.
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Эстеммен зачотный вообще! И окрас хороший подобрал.
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На зоофоруме покрупнее выложен [link]
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i like the fist image.
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beautiful colors and detail here.
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