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Pentaceratops sternbergii

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1/40 second
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18 mm
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Oct 3, 2011, 3:29:38 AM
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I would like to use this image for an article on Earth Archives. With plenty of credit :) 
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OMG IT'S MY MOST FAV CERATOPSIAN DINOSAUR !!!! AWESOME !!...Emm..Sorry if i was littlebit INSANE.. ;3
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This is a beautiful restoration here!! I just recently saw the Pentaceratops skeleton at Oklahoma State University's natural History and that is one huge, impressive ceratopian!!!!
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look! he's smiling
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I prefer muddy ground for late cretaceous....late cretaceous was humid!

I believed late cretaceous was a colorful world...colorful flowers and some insects related to flowers (ladybirds, moth, wasp), birds with pretty voice, blue and green dragonfly, slimy
snail, fruit tree exist in late cretaceous....volcano and dust air related to volcano smoke and flowers pollination can add such things to your pictures for making a better imagination about Tyrannosaurs and ceratops life.....

I hope my advise do not make you is just an friendly advice from a lonely biologist.....I always like your art very much!

Best wishes for you and your family, your brother always, Amin Khaleghparast (a lonely biologist from Tehran, IRAN)
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;) where did you photo this one?
Shirotsuki-MoonBeast's avatar
Stunning! Beautiful work! :heart:
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Beautiful, excellent color patterns and shading. The frill is amazing, that's definitely the hardest part of this animal to get right.

Suggestion: the portion of the snout between the beak and the nasal horn needs to be longer. It's fairly long in Pentaceratops, in fact most of the snout is in fron of the nasal horn - the horn itself is bunched up pretty close to the orbital horns (in such a position so as to be almost useless for attack or defense despite its large size for a chasmosaurine nasal horn).
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Oh, this is a significant point. I will correct. [link]
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Magnificent Work! Amazing texture and detail! Can't wait to see more of your astonishing art!
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Such amazing detail! :heart:
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awesome,this in my opinion one of your best ones. It looks just so 3-dimensional,as if you would stand in front of it :)
henrik9470's avatar
true but i wouldn't be infront of a monster like that
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Excellent work :-)
Regards Jacek
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Astonishing work!
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Excellent portrayal. :thumbsup:
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This is amazing,. it's so good, I can almost see him thinking, "??? Where am I??",. :D Lovely work again fella, great work! :thumbsup:
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Ой какой зелёненький :D
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very nice texture and composition here. loving this one.
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