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Hello, I really like this painting!
But if I purchase this ,were it including invoice?
Because my company need it. :-)
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Hello, I am an paleoartist of Ukraine Sergey Krasovskiy. You need illustration mamenchisaurus? Tell me your email address, I will send the original file and the invoice for payment. (according to the price
Beautiful, a real sense of weight and balance to these creatures
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Which species are the Pterosaurs?
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First of all:
Really wonderfull bravo!!

Second-Can I show it in a blog? It's really superb
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yes, no problem
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Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis?
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<font><font class="">M. sinocanadorum</font></font>
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Hmmm, I said Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis because of the tail, but maybe M. sinocanadorum had the same structure! :D
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I don't think there's even a point anymore to saying how amazing you are. It's all been said before.
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so amazing, i love the pose and atmoshpere in the pic, you never cease to amaze, i really love the atmosphere and prehistoric feeling in your pics :D
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I here there is a Memenchisaurus subspecies over 100 feet in length.
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which camera do you use? haha brilliant painting as usual
I think there may be a slight problem with the perspective though. The rock seems really close to the viewer, but the mamenchisaurus head seems quite far away. Unless it wasn't eating from the rock, in which case the rock is placed weirdly, cos the viewer's mind keeps conflicting between eating from the rock or not. don't really know if I explained it you see it?
Wow; amazing work. I love the color choices and skin patterns/textures/tones. 
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Как обычно - просто фантастическая работа!

При пристальном разглядывании смущают только откровенно голокожие рамфоринхойды (парапсицефалы?).
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...на А3 формате не разгуляешься, у того, что идёт на посадку (мордой к нам) на груди вырисовывал шерстинки, ток их за копирайтом не сильно видно...
Это Sericipterus wucaiwanensis и Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum, из формации Shishugou
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Просто шерсть редко бывает с желто-салатовыми разводами, такой узор подсознательно ожидаешь увидеть на голой коже или на чешуе.
А на самом маменхизавре - какие-то анурогнатиды?
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ну у птерозавров шерсть не как у млекопитающих ))))) лучше ассоциировать их с ярким окрасом попугаев ))))
Да, вокруг маменчизавра анурогнатиды, типа джехолоптеров...
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And... that's my new desktop. Incredible work.
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