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Giraffatitan And Dicraeosaurus

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I think the dicraeosauruses neck postures would be more diagonally than horizontal.

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i wonder if paleontologist will focus more on African paleontology

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Your work is amazing my friend.
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Wow the dicreaosaurus look sad of their size x3.
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Just thought I would say I've made a digital model of Brachiosaurus based on the beautiful colour scheme in this image.

Love your art man.
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Oh my god, this is so beautiful!
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You recently was in Berlin Museum of natural history?
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Beautiful Work!!!!!!!!!
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The only one negative thing is the shrink-wrapped head, but the painting is very cool!

This how the head might really look like:…

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Well, that's much simpler =)
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This is utterly amazing.
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<font><font>Fantastico,tus obras son geniales.</font></font>
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Love the texture on the Giraffatitans!
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i mean real, sorry bad typo
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It looks so reas, as if i'm there !
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Very beautiful! :) You have such skills with atmosphere and lighting!!
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