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Epidexipteryx hui vs Nephila jurassica

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Yummy Mmmm. Looks like the epidexipteryx has found itself a tasty treat. An orb-weaver hors d'oeuvre. SuperMarioLogan - Chef Bowser Jr. Icon 
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Amazing artwork!
I have just never understood why people put those birdlike foot scales on the fingers 
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The detail is exquisitely lifelike!
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This image appears in a magazine!!
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Exactly! It was on the cover of BBC Knowledge in my country!
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the article was very interesting, and the pictures were great :D
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Yep, it also featured Yutyrannus and the newly discovered Kulindadromeus.  Overall, it was really interesting:-) 
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Some strategy might be required to tackle this one.
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A small correction: Nephila jurassica is now Mongolarachne jurassica :)
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what do you draw/paint this with?
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Kooks like it's about to poop :s
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Your work is delicious. Every picture is a threat.
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Great work!!!!
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beautiful... love the details. it looks so real...
very nicely done,keep up the great work!
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excellent work!  your painting sent me to the web to find out more about this creature.  Fav
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Love the colours.:D
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