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Cretaceous Mongolia

Therizinosaurus prevented Tarbosaurus attack on a group Gallimimus
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There's a 50/50 chance therizinosaurus ended up being lunch instead.
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Looks like Tarbosaurus will have to try again some other time when that Therizinosaurus isn't around.
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Tarbo: "Why Therizino, why?"
Therizino: "I'm in charge around here, I watch all the herbivores and that no meat-eater gets too close to them!"
Tarbo: "hmm well ok, that sounds fair enough! I guess I just take the long way around then!"
Therizino: "Ha!"
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If the Gali scene in Jurassic Park had a Therizinosaurus, the Rex would've gone hungry if she knew what the Therizino would do to her.
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Therizinosaurus: Can I have a hug? :(
Tarbosaurus: Bitch, really? You just had to blow up my cover, didn't you?
Gallimimus: LOL  get a fucking life, loser!
I rarely see work of this strange dinosaur. So happy to see this :)
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I really enjoy seeing different people's interpretations of therizinosaurus. Some people like to draw them completely feathered, but I prefer them scaly look you've drawn this one. You've also packed this image with an absolutely insane amount of detail, I mean, just look at the plants and the shadows along the ground! And that's not even counting the dinosaurs!
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A hiden velociraptor behind the fallen tree would be cool
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Hey, it's that scene from Chased by Dinosaurs... where's Nigel Marven? He should be hiding behind a bush watching this shit with the camera guy.
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don' mess with Therizinosaurus
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awesome detail but its almost certain that therizinosaurus ha feathers of some kind... man do i love mongolia 75mya
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Yay! Therizinasaurus.
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Excellent painting, keep up the good work my friend!:)
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Tarbosaurus: "What the hell are you on about?"

Had to put that in there. I really like it! ^^

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Lawl, what an awesome scene! I love it! 8D
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Man I wish whenever someone messed with me a 30-foot Therizinosaurus would back me up..
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Abruptly atrox1 very much it is pleasant to me
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Юрец, по русски пиши.
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Wasn't aware of Therizinosaurus before. Learned something and enjoyed your image!
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I wrong or the Therizinosaur is plantigrade? ^^
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Yes, Therizinosaurus was plantigrade.
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