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Concavenator corcovatus

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Makes me wonder if carnosaurs are relatives of spinosaurs.
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Heytomemeimhome's avatar
Does beautiful work, my only question is with the post orbital fenestrea really have been that visible on living individuals?
JurassicTyrant's avatar
What are the sauropods on the background? Camarasaurus?
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Very nice. But aren't they missing protofeathers on their arms? They they had quillknobs on the bone of their fore arms.
randomdinos's avatar
These were attachments for muscle fibers, actually.
olofmoleman's avatar
The original publication:
A bizarre, humped Carcharodontosauria (Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain
Francisco Ortega1, Fernando Escaso1,2 & Jose´ L. Sanz2
9 September 2010

In the publication the bumps on it's forearm are interpreted as quillknobs and compared to those of an extant turkey vulture. They are pretty much identical. If this was an isolated case then I would maybe have been more skeptical. But since we now know that "proto feathers" and "dinofuzz" goes back at least to the base of Coelurosaurs. It's not unreasonable to think it goes back even further. So I don't see a good reason to doubt that these bumps are anything but actual quillknobs.
randomdinos's avatar
I don't doubt that these bumps could be quill knobs, it's just that recently I've heard many rumours across the net of them being attachments for muscle fibers. However, as the quills are present even in ornitischians, I do believe Concavenator probably had some.
olofmoleman's avatar
Rumours are hardly anything to go by.
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''Since the popular arm quills turned out to be just muscle fiber, there is no actual reason to depict this animal with quills or dinofuzz all along the body (although its still a possibility)''.  - Durbed, dA

''..and the supposed ulnar quill knobs being part of an intermuscular line...'' - Theropod Database Blog

I don't know where they're getting their information from, but it doesn't seem to be just rumors.
olofmoleman's avatar
Without any proper sources I don't see a reason to give this much merit. Aspecially given the context of other related definitely feathered Theropods.
randomdinos's avatar
Other related theropods have also been found to have scaly skin, and Concavenator is not a coelurosaur. Concavenator probably had protofeathers like its relatives, not neornithe-like feathers identhical to a turkey vulture's.
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This is quite an interesting looking species. ^^
BrokenMachine86's avatar
AMAZING!!!!! The perspective in the right Concavenator is outstanding!
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The scales are amazing!
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Самец слева?
На такую проработку шкуры меня бы не хватило :( Замечательно!
atrox1's avatar
Слева самец, справа самка разглядывает его узор.
ksdinoboy95's avatar
awwwwwwwwwwwwwsum work my paleo-bro'!
pilsator's avatar
Epic work. Kinda reminds me of John Sibbick, but with accurate instead of sausage-legged meat bag dinosaurs.
Boobsinette's avatar
It is really beautiful! :D You must be very very patient to do that Oo!
atrox1's avatar
I'm just really love to draw dinosaurs.
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