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Archosaurus rossicus

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Throwing their weight around with some bite.

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I very like Archosaurs and this art :) Is this Triassic Period :o ? I  very love Triassic life like this :)
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Archosaurus is Permian genus.
The foundations of a dynasty.
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Really new to me
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This made my day.
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The link between dinosaur and crocodile...
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you are one of the best my friend!
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Ну и удивительная же у них верхняя челюсть :)
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I love your work so very much moy drug!(andrey teach me some russian)!!!!
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Great :-) like reconstructions from the 19th. Century
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Great work! There are so many more fossil reptiles than anyone ever seems to realize that it's really sad sometimes.
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they look like notosuchus XD.
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yeah, this one just have a bigger head
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I really enjoy your work man
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Great work! Archosaurus art is waay too rare. :)
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What would it use the kink in it's jaw for??
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Likely to hold fish.
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But that kink on the top jaw seems way to extended to hold fish. I mean, if the fish was between both jaws, it wouldn't be able escape, but the kink seems way to far to grasp fishes. It looks like a good raking tool, though. Perhaps it clamped down on it's prey using the kink, then dragged it out of/into the water. Just a hypothesis.
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