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You're Not Here to Replace Me Are You?

A Robo-Fortune with a very particular paintjob gives Sarah a CAT scan to determine if she's a threat. It's okay though, I hear she likes puns! Hopefully she doesn't feel challenged...

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is out on PS4, PS3, and Vita! Should be out on steam sometime today too! It's got some new goodies like survival, fully-voiced story modes, and a new DLC character, Robo-Fortune!

Also yes, this is a selectable palette in-game. Should be #17. ;)
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I came here from the Skullgirls Wiki! :)
Atrox-C's avatar
Oh cool! Hello!
rustyknife06's avatar
This has always been my favorite RoboFortune palette! :D Never knew it was an original character's color scheme though. Looks great!
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Anayo-s's avatar
Dr. Robotnic got a hold of her.
Atrox-C's avatar
No, you can clearly see Robo-Fortune has a hold of her.
ApocalypseTitan's avatar
so... Robo Fortune has Sarah's palette.  I sure can't wait to play :D
SugarJoySpark's avatar
grats man! i saw the color palette on skullgirls wiki other day, i'm so happy for you!! : )
NonnyFox's avatar
I like Sarah's cartoony expression here. Looks just like a cell for a cartoon could have aired on Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah Cartoons.
Atrox-C's avatar
Sarah's all about being cartoony! She'd be out of a job if she wasn't!
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'Ey, wot gives, guvna? Oi downloaded the new version an' Oi ain't 'eard no fully voiced story modes yet! Also, Oi've become an over-the-top Cockney stereotype, Oi 'ave!
Atrox-C's avatar
Oh yeah, it comes out on Steam a little later. For a little while, it's only on PS4. We'll probably get it when the PC version gets the new survival and other game modes.
FractiousLemon's avatar
Fair enough. For now I'll enjoy the new features in the PS3 version. Drunk Announcer and Sexy Big Band are hilarious.
Feyzer's avatar
Gah, her bein' all "Eeep yes? <=3" While sternly held by the robot :3
AlanES's avatar
Hahaha, I saw the Sarah color scheme and was like OH GOD IT ACTUALLY MADE IT IN
FractiousLemon's avatar
Skullgirls 2nd Encore? So do we need that in order to play the new characters?
Atrox-C's avatar
Yeah! But if you already own the game, it's just an update!
FractiousLemon's avatar
thank you very much now mr. roboto ^^
gm85's avatar
you worked on this game or something too?
gm85's avatar
oh thats so awesome XD thats why robofortune has that color ^^ again thats extremely awesome
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