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Crimson Skies Zeppelin Destroyer

By Atropos907
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And next we have a kit bashed 700th scale graf zeppelin bashed with parts of a USS Missouri and some other random stuff. The nacelles are 3d printed.
all painted solely with an airbrush as usual. One of the first militarized zeppelins made by the soviets, this ship shows its age with numerous refits and replaced panels. It is effective because it is small, simple, and easy to repair. These zeps are often the first to fall, but also the first to be repaired and sent back into action. It boasts several light and medium anti aircraft turrets and a single trio cannon for anti-zeppelin combat. Range 3km.
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Apr 21, 2012, 9:41:59 PM
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It's an amazing work, I certainly like it 
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What keeps it from tipping over? :O_o:
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measuring for the balance point before drilling the hole. =)
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I mean that zeppelin as a zeppelin. It seems the heaviest parts are on the upper side.
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Ah yes
1. Its a pulp style zep. Generally translated to mean no way in heck it can lift off even in an atmosphere of xenon.  but who cares cuz its cool!
2. I assume its fuel and ammo reserves are near the bottom so if they blow they blow out the bottom and are less likely to kill the crew up top.
3. Look at the rest of what I paint, this is by far one of the less absurd things ive done ')
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Perhaps there are a couple of large-diameter, high-speed flywheels on vertical axes in the interior..?
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Great work ... :thumbsup:
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Awesome work! My compliments!
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I like that effect you have over the ship's name, very cool :thumbsup:
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Its a simple airbrush technique, just takes a bit of patience and planning in layers =) Thanks
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Simple so you say :nod: I have 3 different types of airbrushes and I don't think I could get anything to look like your work :no:
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First read my tutorials on

take a piece of paper, fold it N times, and cut a single triangle into it, then unfold for a bunch of identical triangles.

Now cut out a mask for the name of the ship. spray black, then remove the mask and put the traingle mask for the flood lights to overlap the letters and spray hard white near the poitns and transition to soft transparent white near the ends of the spot light illumination.
Now place the lettering stencil back over the origional but shift up and spray white or the color of the letters on the hull, but lightly. This way where you have the white from the flood lights your letters are brighter. spray more opaque near where the flood lights origionate, and spray more transparent away from the source to show the letters blending into shadow. At this point it will look ok.

you can go back and then invert the triangle pattern and spray a very transparent black or brown to add shadow or non-illuminated areas between the flood lights to push the non-illuminated sections of the letters back deeper. a bit of touchup may be in order at this point using both the letter mask and the flood light mask at the same time.

Happy painting!

From here you can
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