I've been reported by thieves...

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YAAAYY!! PLEASE READ dangerousradical.deviantart.co… MORE PROOF HE'S A THIEF.

UPDATE:It's started. :icondarknbrutal: is tring to hide the theft by deleting the artwork that was stolen. Oh well, that's all we were trying to do. So, WIN FOR US. And I hope the admins who they reported me to are able to still somehow see that I had links to the originals well before the person started removing stuff and I hope enough of us reported that person that it's obvious I wasn't lying. ToT

also, :iconmischieft: sent me this

"ok then so if its a report battle you wont its a report battle youll get,ill just talk to the Admins about this little threat you sent me."

please look on my profile and note that all I said was

"And I'm reporting you for art theft. Your only "drawn" picture has 94 results on the first reverse image search I tried. Don't report me for something when I can report you. Are you the same as that other person? Or are you just some follower of them?"

Not really much of a reportable threat. I have the link to the results of the stolen picture

mischieft.deviantart.com/art/M… is www.tineye.com/search/0f3355de… take your pick. Point is, it's obviously just something he found on the internet, not something he drew. The reason I think it's the same person is the account was created today, just to tell me to stop bugging :icondarknbrutal: when they didn't even leave a comment or watch that person. Also, they both are resorting to reporting me over proving THEY stole artwork. Not to mention :iconmischieft:'s icon is the same as :iconxlivegaara7: who made his own icon and also was accusing :icondarknbrutal: of theft. >.>

Just saying... a lot of things not adding up.


:icondarknbrutal: sent me this note (and a comment on my last journal if you'd like to read it)

DarkNBrutal said the following:

ive already informed the Admins that you and sevral of your friends have acused me of art thieft,which i have not done,now if im still featured in your jurnal ill just keep reporting you :3,k.

To which I replied:

Excuse me, but I have proof some of your art is stolen and -I- have given the staff proof. Please don't try to threaten me. I find proof before I accuse someone unlike some people in my group of friends.

I'm not taking you out of my journal, but I'll make sure people know which of your works are stolen first so they can report them as well.

:3 K thanks bye.

So... In case an admin comes and is a different one than those who handle art theft, in :icondarknbrutal:'s gallery, though they removed most of it when I reported them yesterday, are the following works. If the link goes bad, it means that the person removed it because they saw I had proof. But I've sent links to the original artists as well when I could. And please notice a lot of the art is drawn in different styles. So, even if I can't prove it, I don't think these are the only ones left that are stolen, but these are the ones that prove I'm not just "randomly reporting"

DarkNBrutal.deviantart.com/art… belongs to xkitten.deviantart.com/art/Tir…

darknbrutal.deviantart.com/art… has over 106 results, not to mention I've seen it before www.tineye.com/search/4befa932…

th05.deviantart.net/fs47/300W/… belongs to aphariel.deviantart.com/art/Hu… and I've left a note to the artist.

darknbrutal.deviantart.com/art… belongs to someone named "m4d_b0y" (the first result I got, read the link www.tineye.com/search/a86465e6… but it seems the person isn't on DA

darknbrutal.deviantart.com/art… is in quite a few places across the internet... www.tineye.com/search/1eadcf13…

That's all for now that I have proof of since they took all the ones I commented on yesterday down, but, there's so many drawing styles in that gallery, I'm sure more are stolen... =m= but, I can only post links tinyeye gets me, which is limited results... *sigh*

I hope being open with all this will show people that I DO NOT report people without proof. You'll notice I almost always post links. Last yjournal I was just too lazy to do it, but from now on, I'll post links so there won't be any attempt at intimidation. So, go ahead you two. Delete those pictures if you want, but there's still people who have seen them up on your pages who will know I wasn't lying about them. That is all, thank you.

UPDATE: ANOTHER NEW THIEF. Details gatekat.deviantart.com/journal… Thank you :icongatekat:
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Two of DarkNBrutal's artworks are not going to be taken down since they would like to hear from the original owner. Sad day.
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Yeah, pissed me off. >.>
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Though thinking about it, I can see where they're coming from since the link wasn't on DevArt. Was there a link to get in contact with the poster on the site?
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D= I dunno. I dun remember which ones they were. Hang on. We found that :iconmischieft: is stealing his photos, so he probably is the same as :icondarknbrutal:
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More than likely, though art thieves tend to stick together.
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wow this is the same kinda crap that got one of my friends banned,>:[you cant go around acuseing someone of being the same person.if anything your the Asshole around hear.ugh you ppl make me sick.
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Hey, I only said I think. I'm not the only one saying it so stop whining about it. I mean, you show up RIGHT AS some other art thief gets in trouble, and you want to do the same thing he is, and you have a stolen work? And your icon was something from someone who also called the other person a thief, an icon the other person said he made himself, that's just too many coincidences. What else am I supposed to think? Someone new to the site just happened to be part of that crap? Uhm, sorry, don't think so.
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Theft makes me sick. <3 We have ample proof against you and all the others. You may only have one stolen item, but even so, that isn't right. All we are doing is keeping the website in the hands of REAL artists, not people who think it is cool to post pictures and say they drew it, when it is not true at all.

Sweetie, you are nothing I've never seen before. All of them fight before they relent and live up to their mistakes. Think of this as... Chinese Finger-cuffs. The more you struggle, the tighter you are caught, but when you think logically, and think about your actions, you can remove the cuffs easily. Same concept, just try to apply it to yourself.

On that note, AtrepPlz, Sakaiti! I've got another thief here! :iconleamazuka:

A lot of recolors and screen shots here. Its obvious they have been warned numerous times, but do not listen. So, lets skip the nice warnings and go straight into the reporting. I'll do that as soon as I finish my work for art class. ;D ....which I better do soon... gneeg.
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Thank you, sweetie. :iconprettyplz:
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Okay, I'm on a reporting spree! XD

Don't worry, I doubt you will be banned because of those "threats" you made. Its veeeery unlikely.


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XD NO NO! IT'S NOT JUST YOU!!! There have been a few others lately who keep reporting to me and tell the person they suspect them of theft, but they don't have proof so it's kinda hard to appease those people if they really aren't thieves. It wasn't even a freakin' threat. *rolls eyes* I think it's the same person. He changed his icon after I posted in my journal how it was identical to someone who accused the other person of theft, but he's still saying he didn't steal anything.
xSemi-Sweetx's avatar

Yeeeah, I'm doing my searches now... and leaving my messages... my worst fear is that they will start reporting my work now. <3 Not that they would have much to go on.. xD I mean, who would steal art work THAT terrible? Sadly, my searches are not all that great so far... Gneeh.
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D= S'all good. Just as long as you're trying. Hmm, all the people listed in my journal though have some links already, thought the one stupid one deleted his crap as we posted originals.
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Dude, take a look at how stupid this person is.

Her he claims to be the black boy on the right: [link]

He also constantly talks about going to work, hinting to be an adult.. Now look at this.


He claims that this is a tattoo on his foot, but according to the prior photo, he is black, and the foot with the tattoo is quite Caucasian. :/ How stupid can someone be?
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Hahahahaha. STUUPPIIIDDDD. Looks like he really is the black guy because someone seems to know the person on the right. So, of course, the tattoo is stolen.
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also, take a look at this person! :D


Stealing art. I've warned her, but she was VERRRY rude and hid my comments. Fight her if you like, but I suggest going straight into the reporting... fighting them is always amusing though...

Oh, and check this out, if you'd like ;] [link]
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OH MY GOD! GUESS WHAT I JUST FOUND!!!! [link] Those look familiar? Perhaps frooommmm [link] ? FUCK YEAH. I knew that couldn't be the only stolen one.
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Stolen [link] Original [link]

Stolen [link] Source [link]

Stolen [link] Source [link]

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>_O That person hasn't been deleted yet?! Grrr! They've been in my journal before... I think... XD I know I've reported them.
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I was also blamed for that guy that I reported him, when I even reported anyone!!!

And also look at the comment that :iconmischief: left to me on my DA, the strange think it is that this person have the exactly same avatar that :iconxlivegaara7: :

hi there you have reported one of my friends who was doing good,but you suspected her of being someone she's not,and you got her banned.THE-ART-THIEF-HUNTER was not onehansomedevil or ~DarkNBrutal. she was a good friend of mine.and now shes gone D:.and if you even think about reporting me or suspecting me becouse im sure you probley will.i will report ya :[,plz stop banning my friends


It is incredible how much people believes on them :/
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XD Exactly on the avatar thing. I even mentioned it to the person with the original avatar. That artist's art was in :icondarknbrutal:'s galllery until it got reported by the artist.

And HA! The person deleted everything on their page. >3 They knew they were caught. *snort*
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Can I say you a little more proof?

Do you remember the account of onehandsomedevil?
Well, she has a photo that was supposed to be her, and then this person :icondarknbrutal: commented her saying that that person wasn't her and that the one on the photo was a myspace's friend of him...

I just find strange that he have known that girl, while she can have taked any random pic.

Everything to help.
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