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OK, call me a holiday whore but i couldn`t resist releasing these. At first i just wanted to make holiday versions of the icons i keep in my dock and a bg for AndreaV's digital clock but as you can see, i did a bit more than that. Often icons have several variations, that is cause i couldn`t decide what version i like best. In the pack are 21 icons, 5 bgs for AndreasV's digital clock docklet for ObjectDock and 2 iCal bgs for judge's iCal docklet. You can find these docklets at [link] . Oh, and the 2 bulbs in the "m00d" word are from a set called "Noel 2003" and if you know who made it, i`d apreciate it if you could tell me.

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. A big thanks goes to those who helped me improve with their advice and criticism during this year, and to those people who`s friendship helped me go through good and bad. You know who you are, so thank you. ;)

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)
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Nice work, thanks so much for sharing.