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Steampunk Keyboard Mod

By Atratus
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Made from a generic $8 keyboard, 104 buttons, acrylic resin, photo-paper, vinyl, and some metallic spray paints.

For a step by step breakdown of the process see my LiveJournal .

[edit 071230] - I replaced the picture with some better ones done with my light-tent and proper lighting.
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Does is still make the click-clack of a normal keyboard. The entire reason besides needing it to use the computer for having it.
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TearahkHobbyist General Artist
I want one of these so bad! I wish I had enough skill to even come close to what that looks like!
theMonsterBox's avatar
OK, that is officially the coolest thing I've seen all week.
Almoon's avatar
i would so buy this
Navaratti's avatar
I love this soooo much! this is epic!!! I wish I could have 2 - one for home and one for work! LOL
Eezeelee's avatar
EezeeleeHobbyist General Artist
simply love it!
PheonixRyzyng's avatar
PheonixRyzyngStudent Photographer
i want!!!
Valevice's avatar
ugh I love this!! and your step by step is :heart:
Atratus's avatar
Atratus General Artist
Thank you :-)
Valevice's avatar
no! I want one but I have no where near enough skill to make out x.x
vonSmallhausen's avatar
Ehum... You don't happen to have the template for the buttons still do you? :x
I just so happende to like this so very, very much so I'm gonna make my own x3
Atratus's avatar
Atratus General Artist
No. I didn't keep it.
vonSmallhausen's avatar
Oh ratstail...
Well well, nevermind then ^^,
Kettricken's avatar
awesome, it looks great! too bad about the purple plug though ;)
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IynaiProfessional Filmographer
I wish I could have this keyboard. ): You did a marvelous job on this. :D
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moogleboy64Student Artist
Amazing. I hope for all the work you went to that it's not too difficult to type on. :0
RyuukuBR's avatar
RyuukuBR Photographer
Very cool, man!!! I mean: wooooow! Yeah, very cool indeed! :D
Divulged's avatar
That actually looks like it would work better than a regular keyboard, because small things would not get stuck inside the keys!
crabplant's avatar
Oh wow, that's ultra ace. I'm not into the steam punk aesthetic, but despite this, the piece caught me eye.
Caahhloomm's avatar
does it work properly?
Atratus's avatar
Atratus General Artist
Of course. What would be the point if it didn't work?
Caahhloomm's avatar
well there wouldn't be.
i was only wondering.
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MeliadhorHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Looks wonderful!

And how's typing on it? Fingers don't tend to slip a bit?
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