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Harper Government

Now with the promise of warrantless wiretapping of Internet traffic [link] brought to you by the architects of the groundless Charter-violating mass-arrests at the G20.

Feel free to use and redistribute. No attribution necessary.

[EDIT, June 14, 2012] More topical than ever as Bill C38 is crammed through parliament. A repost by someone on Facebook is on its way to going viral [link] and [link]

And it looks like the Halifax Chronicle Herald has done their own take on the same idea: [link]
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Lilactree-fanficnet's avatar
Note how we do not say 'Canadian Government' but 'Harper Government' instead. 'Nuff said.
kara-li's avatar
god i hope the ndp do their job...harper is an idiot i don't even know why he keeps getting re-elected.
Pastabelle's avatar
Seems accurate.
ifm2181's avatar
ah this is pretty accurate

but if you think he's a jerk now wait until he finds out his wife is banging their chauffeur ;)
comowaz's avatar
The eye of Sauron?

gah...he's back...

MeuhMy's avatar
It kinda reminds me too of Ganon's castle in Zelda Ocarina of Time (and maybe of the Darkworld in Link to the past)
RoyMustangIZLIFE's avatar
This is amazing, and reflects perfectly, the current political climate. I am currently terrified of what might happen with a Conservative Majority....
Atratus's avatar
So am I. I work in the arts, and I fear for my job.
RoyMustangIZLIFE's avatar
Oh god. I'm sorry about your position. I hope to write for a living one day, and I too, fear for my future. What field of art do you work in?.
Atratus's avatar
Visual arts, for an academic art gallery, and the Cons aren't exactly big on either education funding or arts funding... Ironically, my previous job was for an investment company that crashed and burned while the Cons were so adeptly <sarcasm>getting Canada through the financial crisis unscathed</sarcasm>.
Lilactree-fanficnet's avatar
He's tanking our aerospace industry as well. It's funny how both the arts and sciences are going under right now. :'( There goes my research job.
RoyMustangIZLIFE's avatar
Oh geez....A double whammy right there. I've noticed that none of my teachers seem thrilled by the Conservative Majority either, and I understand why!
Yeah; the Conservative's have done SUCH a good job at getting us through our financial crisis. That's why we're in the middle of our largest ever deficit....:iconsarcasticplz:
hopfully the NDP can stand up to him
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