Thou shalt honor Fella

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VII. Thou shalt honor Fella

For the 7th commandment, "Thou shalt honor Fella", the digital art team brings you a fellatastic mission to accomplish!

We want you to Depict your Perfect Fella. That's right! Show us how you think Fella should be, share with us your vision of a perfect Fella for you using whatever drawing style or art movement you consider appropriate and always using digital media for it.

:pointr: Rules:

:fella: The artwork must be done completely with digital media.

:fella: Use your imagination, feel free to create the piece using the style you prefer most, but remember it's about Fella! Portray our hero in the best way possible!

:fella: Submit the artwork to the official category available for it:

:fella: The deadline is August 15th, 2010, 23:59 PST. Make sure you submit your artwork in time!

:pointr: As simple as that! you can know begin working on your entries! Make Fella the best gift possible for DA's 10th birthday! Of course,
we cannot forget about the winners :winner:

:fella: First - 1 year premium membership & Fella plushie

:fella: Second - 6 month premium membership & Fella Plushie

:fella: Third - 3 month premium membership & Fella Plushie

:pointr: An last but not least, judging your entries:

:iconnorke: :iconchutkat: :icondeerlordhunter: :iconatramina:

So that's all, now it's time to celebrate! Make of this birthday an EPIC one!

:fella: Honor Fella, show your devious love to our green hero! :fella:

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