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iOS 7 Style System Folders by Atopsy iOS 7 Style System Folders by Atopsy
Replace your old folders with these new vibrant iOS 7 style folders!

Grab my matching sidebar icons as well!…

Alternate download method (DropBox):…

Folders included: Applications, Music, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, Movies, Public, Sites, Smart, Library, Developer, Server, Shared, Utilities, System, Group, User, Burn, Pictures and Generic.

I went for a different type of icon style, so they might not seem so familiar from other uploads on Deviant. I will use the same icon style for my upcoming sidebar icons pack that will replace every icon in the sidebar.

Hope you like them! If you have a request for a folder, be sure to leave it in the comments! 
If you are wondering about Adobe folders, they are still in the works and will come in a different upload.

Install instructions:

1: Download LiteIcon:

2: Open LiteIcon & look for the app you want to change.

3: Drag the ICNS file onto the folder you want to change

4: Press apply, Log in & out (or remove the app from the dock, quit and restart the app)

5: Enjoy!

xcobaltfury30000 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
thanks so much for these amazing icons
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