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Yosemite Photoshop Test Icon

This is an icon I have worked on for quite some time now.

It's still sort of "In development" since I'm not done with it 100%. So I'm uploading an early version to see if you guys like it or not. I have fallen in love with Yosemite's consistent "metal" gradient and I figured it would look great with this icon.

Sorry for the messy preview image. I wanted to get this up as quick as possible.

It comes only in .icns for now since it's not complete yet. The tilt and other elements like gradients on the icon may change on the final version depending on feedback (If I get some).

There is a Read Me file with the .zip I would appreciate if you read.

*PS: Uploaded for personal use only, you may not re-upload this without my prior permission.

So tell me if you like it or not. If it becomes a success I will create similar icons for the whole Creative Cloud package.
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beautiful bro!
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Very beautiful icon, but I don't like the gradient icons. I prefer the flat icons. 
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Amazing work, send ur icon to Adobe, I'm sure they'll use it......
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You're playing with some interesting ideas here. Have you read this article, by chance?…
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Yosemite's design has more perspective than most think and playing around with the metal tilted idea is intresting but if it fits Photoshop or not is still unclear to me. I'm also trying out other type of icons for Photoshop.

Creating a circle with "Ps" inside of it is getting boring so I'm playing around with new ideas.
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i like where you're going with it, love the "metal" idea. but i would suggest a blue closer to the original to match splash screen etc. is there a reason you decided to make darker navy?
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Well the darker navy is more fitting with the metal gradient. Adding a light or very saturated color will make the metal effect sort of go away. 

But I'm planning to add new texture behind "Ps" for the final version, I'll update the test icon soon.
Nice icon :) Thanks
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