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OS X Yosemite QuickTime Player Icon! [UPDATE!]


19/08/14 Big Update!: By requests I have finally updated this icon! 

- Tweaked the gradient just a little.

- Made the QuickTime symbol larger. (Request)

- Tweaked the drop shadow to not make it so dark and visible.

- Re-made it in 1024x1024. (Request)

- Now features PNG, ICO & ICNS

- PNG version comes in 1024x1024.

- Made an alternate version for those who might want it.

I'm sorry it took this long, but I hope this update fixed the issues some of you might have had with it. I will be better at listening to feedback!


I made a matching Quick Time Player icon to go along side iTunes, iBook and App Store!

When I installed the developer preview I had no Quick Time Player overhaul which I thought was just like iTunes but then I noticed others had a quick time overhaul (new controls in a dark translucent bar) So I got it updated and I thought why not make a Quick Time icon!

It's the same dimensions as App Store & iBook, with the same drop shadow found in both. You can see how they match in the preview image.

It is made in 1024x1024

So I hope you like it! Leave a fav, it helps me out :)
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Could you design an icon for remote desktop in Yosemite style?
Thank you!
I would also appreciate a parallels desktop yosemite icon.
Thank you.
waiting for u to upload 1024x1024 mate
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Update is now up!
thanks a lot mate loving new res icons n plz make more for us 
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Could you make a Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X icon?
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I'm not really that focused for Apple Pro apps at the moment but you could check out my newest QuickTime icon, it could work as an replacement for Final Cut at least.

I will see what I can do in the near future, unless Apple released betas with new icons them selfs.
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Thanks, it's way better than the real new one, that is too dark.

Just one suggestion, I think the Q in the middle could be a little bigger, like the symbol is in the new iTunes icon.
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It's now updated with the bigger Q.
you mentioned its 1024x1024 the downloaded one is only 512x512 where 1024x1024 one can u upload that plz love this icon
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thanks, I wanted to ask her if she can find two icons
shutdown and restart always style Yosemite

is it possible?
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Nice but you gotta center that shit dude!
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Haha yeah, I have worked on it, centered it and some small touches here and there, should be up soon!
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Haha pretty slick!
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great job Atopsy, i'd love to see a quicktime review, but first i would want to see a contacts review
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Yes, the review is out now.

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