What do you think about doxxing?
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Published: April 5, 2011
Doxxing is an action of spoiling the privacity of a certain person without their concent. And over on internet having our privacity spoiled is a serious risk.
"Why should I protect my privacy?"
Protecting your personal information can help prevent unwanted strangers from tracking you down physically, or internet strangers from stealing your identity or financial information.
If your video is personal, consider marking it private so that only your friends and those you share it with can view it. If you do post public videos, make sure there isn't anything in them that could help a stranger figure out who you are or where you live. I'm not sure if you guys remember, but once there was a internet bill to avoid piracy. However, that bill would break the privacity of ANY internet user. Many eventually feeling threatened voted against that bill, since their privacy would be monitored.
So what's the point of thinking we should dox someone over a internet dispute?
Frankly, if we trully wish internet privacy safety, then we should never support anyone who put in risk the privacity of others. Just in case you find out somebody who is making doxing in deviantart or youtube, then quickly report that person.
Remember that Journals having doxxing can be reported easilly and EVEN youtube PROFILES can be reported as well, never support those who are willing to break other people's internet privacity just because an childish dispute.
Remember the risks which these people are causing to other users since they even claim that "making doxing is fun". They're even willing to dox people who are neutral about this drama, so report and make them stop this for good.
Track down and report anyone who is willing to risk the internet security of others for amusement or vendetta, find every legal form to take down these violators.
Also, if you believe that you're a potential target for being against these people's behavior, then search every forms possible to have your privacy protected from violators.
Say NO for doxxing and every form of internet privacity violation.
I have talked with a helper of dA about doxing and he made CLEAR that the action of exposing somebody's residence over internet is a CRIME and quite of a bad idea. I suppose their hatred against Nparga blinded them into believing that exposing his residence was fair, however they forgot or refused to find any support about doxing being illegal or not. Frankly, it don't have anything with their paranoid idea of "you're with Nparga", I was wondering if the very doxing was having their accounts disabled. It may explain that many of them gotten banned without making hate speech at all.
You guys can ask information about doxing here:
If they still have dox information about Nparga, then is better to them quickly remove it. Profiles can be reported, don't forget that and he was tricking everyone into keeping the dox, because he would likelly report them later.
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What is this I don't even....
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I have updated my journal, hope you consider removing me from your "fail list", because I finally learned why you guys got banned even without making hate speech. It was the doxing which was causing it and Nparga was fooling you guys into make doxing, so he could report you for it. Knowing this, I do realize why he was not afraid of being doxed. Remove the doxing, so you guys can keep your accounts. He was tricking everyone and nobody wanted to realize it.