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As you see, many trolls and their supporters came here saying I was being delusional about my claims related to trolling not being free speech. However, nobody can reason with trolls and at the same time, trolls cannot reason with anyone. So, do not listen trolls claims and lies. They're doing it just because they don't have an valid argument. Trying to reason with a troll, is the same thing as telling a door how it should behave. A whole lot of random insults doesn't count as free speech, because is not different than saying that a kid saying swearing words without knowing it's meaning is making free speech as well. Also, the trolls doesn't even defend free speech in their real lifes at all, because in real life they know very well that saying whatever they wants and whenever they wants can be fatal. Is not rare having people killing others over a insult, even though that we can blame the murderer for his crime, we must not forget that the offender asked for trouble and payed a price for his pity. And yes, there are cases which the victim was unable to control himself and specially in a car crash. Recently I heard the news of a man who gave a insult against another driver during a minor car crash and got shot to death. Knowing that, they're not leaving their computer rooms to tease anyone for fun and they don't even do everything for fun as well, it's all LIMITED to their internet lifes. And why? Because the troll will don't get killed or punished for any insult which he give to a person or a group of people on-line, he'll don't get physical pain for what he'll say and he finds very funny the insults which he get and will continue teasing his targets. But at the same time it proves that the troll is ULTIMATELLY a COWARD who is afraid of defending his claims of free speech in real life. For example, a troll can claim that two pro-wrestlers are a gay couple in a forum, however he'll never risk his safety to say the same thing to them in real life. Just saying that they use "free speech" as a excuse for their actions don't means they're true defenders of free speech, after all free speech is not limited to the virtual world and yet they're limiting their free speech to not get themselves in trouble. Yes, trolls limit their free speech to the internet despite the fact their claims that free speech have no limits, which may even lead others to become reckless and say whatever they wants without knowing the trouble which they'll gets. Trolls are the ultimate fakers in the internet world, because they only act like trolls in the internet while in their real life they even can act nicelly and even being respectful to others. So what's the point of saying they trully defend absolute free speech, when they're trully unable to insult anyone in real life for fun? Trolls, before trying to reason with me, don't forget that they cannot reason with anyone and also don't forget that they cannot even defend free speech in real life. After all, will the troll quit hidding himself and start teasing anyone for fun in his real life? If they do and pay a price for their pity, then I'm trully sorry. Another important fact is the trolls have NO LOGIC, they talk so much about trolling free speech, but it is ULTIMATELLY a LIE. Let's get real: If you insult somebody for fun in real life, then you're being BOTH STUPID and IGNORANT. And if you insult others for fun in internet or whatever is the media, then you're STILL BOTH STUPID and IGNORANT. If doesn't matter which media you use to insult people for fun, you're just being stupid and ignorant no matter which claims you does. And come on: Saying that trolling (ie: internet ignorance and stupidity) is free speech is the same of saying that both ignorance and stupidity doesn't exist. That's completly ILOGIC, because both ignorance and stupidity will ALWAYS exist both in our real lifes and both in our internet lifes as well and will never vanish. For example, if an famous actor insult his OWN public for fun over a facebook page, then he is just being stupid and may lose all of his supporters. And why? He don't had ANY REASON for giving that insult, after all: "for fun" doesn't count as an reason and he ended up bringing ruin to himself. Trolls do not give benefit to their victims, after all, they have NO GOOD intentions. I even asked a troll what was the benefit of being trolled and instead of replying, he went skipping subject with NO end, in fact, the trolls knows that trolling is not free speech and that it doesn't give any benefit. But as he is ILOGIC, he'll always DENY any conclusions against trolling.
And I'll say some tips against trolls:
a) Do not respond a troll insult or rude opinions about drawings or videos (if the attack was made in a video network).
b) Do not get upset if a very good or a normal drawing got it ranks lowered, after all trolls claims that a drawing or video "sux" just to tease you. It's NOT a real opinion, just a random insult to have you insulting them back.
c) Do not make deviants or videos mentioning trolls names, you're just giving their attention. Also never publish the name of a troll in journal entry, he loves when you do it.
d) Do not listen trolls lectures when you point out that you cannot stand them. Trolls have no logic, so it means their lecture is completly ilogic. A troll cannot talk about logic when he already gave up of logic and reason in favor of the lulz. Yep, lying all the time that internet stupidity and internet ignorance is the same as "free speech" is completly ILOGIC.
e) Do not do videos which you "snipe" a troll and don't even give the troll's user name as well, trolls will always do paranoid lies about you and that action can be even considered as trolling as well. But anyway, anyone might think you're bad as them if you do these videos.
f) If somebody came saying you're just bad as trolls due your favourites (specially ones having mature content) then don't listen. Trolls are completly ilogic, so they always does PARANOID LIES to try make you look much bad than then. But anyway is a very lame strategy, after all, the trolls only peek in your galeries and favourites to create drama. The simple fact you faved a mature content pic, don't mean you're trully a pervert or pedophile (underaged art is forbidden here, but trolls may claim that you're a pedophile just because you faved a little girl wearing a bikini). Also we must not forget "Mature content artworks" can be EASILLY avoided by just letting the mature content filter on, do NOT disable it, otherwise you're seeing the pic at your OWN RISK. Also do not display the mature content deviant anyway if the filter is on, after all, you're just doing that to cause drama. Yes, trolls loves to make drama over anything and they're just drama queens. Another important point: despite the trolls claims, you're publishing or faving these mature artworks for your OWN personal use. It would completly different if you had sent these mature content stuff for people which don't like it, so trolls have no right to complain. Well, they never had real right about anything.
And a warning for the trolls:
Don't waste your time making lectures, after all your lectures are completly ilogic and USELESS. You trolls ALREADY threw your logic away in favor of the trolling, so you cannot put any logic on me as well. Also, do not waste time making paranoid lies about me, after all LYING against other users is just BOTH IGNORANCE AND COWARDICE (who said that the trolls arent stupid and coward enough?). Claiming that lying is free speech, is not diferent of claiming that lies do not exist. So any ilogic comment will be IGNORED, so do not waste time typing a lot of random stuff here, otherwise you'll be really UNHAPPY.
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Submitted on
March 8, 2011